Deeds Done – Cheryl Adama

Deeds Done – Cheryl Adama

November 25, 2018

For where envy and self-seeking exist,confusion and every evil thing arethere. James 3:16

A self-seeking work can easily be disguised as an admirable work. Beware for though it be done with good intentions and in My name it in truth is counted as wicked before His eyes and a snare for you!

For many deeds are done in this way, deceiving and being deceived for they sooth the soul’s desire to accomplish and be accomplished, even for those who do things in My name with the intention to bring Me glory. The Holy Spirit who dwells with mine own – does not work in this way. For all that He does and will ever do is bring glory and honor to Me, in that He seeks not for His own elevation and this is how you will prove My will in all things; I do not draw any away from Myself, for in Me is all that you have need of. I do not reveal to you prophesy or revelation that is apart from Me. For My will is always about what you are given -in Me, who you are -in Me and the will of My Father, for you -in Me. I do not take you to any other place – for there is no reason nor any need to do so. All that you ask of Me is found in this – My answer to you is in Me – look in here and you will find what you need to know. Do not be easily found wandering into things that I do not speak of in My Word for you will surely be caught into snares that will bring you into more snares. This is when you will follow after voices that I know not of nor have I sent them to you. Do not attempt to make your life about something other apart from My will. For some make it My will as by force rather than as by submission thereby it is not My will at all! What is my will: It is the same as My Father’s which is that you believe on whom He has sent. What does it mean to believe? For in believing, I ask that all who are Mine to lay your lives down – as dead, to count it not! Then you are ready to seek My will to follow Me rightly. You will surely always see that it is not about you – where you will also see that this is good! For in you – on your own, apart from Me there is no good thing! It is about My Life,that I have laid down, so that You may take it up to be yours, then in this way you will be one who testifies Me to all those around you. Selfish ambition is not like this – it seeks its own. To be right and righted. It seeks to be justified before men and given honors due. Do not be deceived to think you are seeking righteousness in doings such as these. No, die first to seek nothing else but Me in all you think, say and do. Do not seek any other or thing above Me. Then I give you the steps that I order for you to walk. I give you insight that will direct you where you will clearly see what it is you need to do. I will bring low the high places –that lie in your heart first, then I will also bring you from the low places to the mountain tops as you submit to Me your self-seeking heart. Be no longer caught in the many things that you feel need to be done, instead come sit at My feet and listen, apply your heart to My words for this is the good and better place to be and we will accomplish much!

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