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Feburary 27, 2021 9:05 AM

After a day and night of fasting and much prayer in seeking the Lord’s guidance I wish to share a word I received on February 26, 2021:

Tell My Children that there is much in the ways of deception. The enemy of your souls is flooding your ears with much fear, much confusion.

My Children, DO NOT come near their vaccines. DO NOT wear their masks. Take them off of My little ones especially! My heart grieves to see My little ones who I gave such life and love to, having their beautiful faces covered, struggling to breathe, wondering why they cannot laugh and smile with others as I made them to.

Another word I received after praying about the mark of the beast and the vaccine on February 26, 2021, I will now share:

Look to My Word. What does it say about the mark of the beast? You are right to be careful and concerned about it for they are preparing the people of the world to accept it in time. Look not to the internet. Look to My Word. What does it say? It says the mark will be the name and number of the beast, 666, marked on the forehead or right hand. One must publicly reject the Saving Name of My SON. Then they must worship the image of the beast and bow to him above all else. Then they will be given the name and number of the beast tattooed on their forehead or hand.


My faithful martyrs during this time will NOT bow to the beast. These will stand firm for the Name of My SON and shout that they worship the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES. These will lose their lives right then. They will be beheaded and in an instant be with ME.

HOWEVER, the vaccine is a stepping stone to the mark.

End of word.

After prayer regarding this, I believe the vaccine is designed to dumb people down spiritually. The vaccine may make people more likely to reject Christ. The vaccine may change people into complacent zombies who just do what they’re told.

It will take spiritual courage and fervor to stand for the Name of Christ in the days ahead. And I believe this vaccine will make those who get it lose any spiritual fervor they had.

I do not believe that the vaccine alone will send anyone to Hell. The Bible says you have to reject Christ then worship the beast then have his name and number marked on you.

No one is rejecting Christ when they get vaccinated. Not yet at least. And no one is walking around with 666 marked on their foreheads or hands. Not yet anyway.

The mark of the beast is not yet. But it is coming. And the masks and vaccines are preparing people to get the mark.

Please take this to prayer and look to the word of God in all things.

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