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Deception is Closer Than You Think – Roxanne V

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Deception is Closer Than You Think

October 21, 2023 2:14 PM
Roxanne V

Dream 10/18/23 – 4:00 am

I’m seeing people, in a fitness work environment. It looks like a high-end gym with a variety of areas to workout, a spa, a big front desk area and lots of people coming and going from the front desk area. I was standing off to the side of the desk area. I seemed to work there. I watched as people came up and were eagerly receiving a pill to enhance performance. They took it, not all of them realizing that it also altered DNA.

Later, I joined a group that met after work to go eat. As we went out, a white pony came up to me. It wasn’t fat, more tall and thin, with an elaborate bridle and reins, yet it was bare back and no one appeared to be riding it. The pony would come to meet me each night we went out for dinner and offer to give me messages. I started to look for it each night.

At the gym one day, a ‘friend’ that worked there had tied someone up with a thin, tightly woven rope. It was wrapped all around the person’s arms and neck and hands. I looked up at the friend, confused as to why he would hurt anyone and I went to quickly cut the rope off of the person.

This ‘friend’ kept going up in the air like on a bungee or something. (His face looked like a cross between Willem Dafoe and Martin Short.) He looking down at me and kind of shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, ‘sorry’ and opened his mouth and showed me his tongue. His tongue was the rope. He could pull it out as an endless rope and bite it off to end it. It was small and woven, like a climbing rope.

I woke up to a demonic growl/scream outside.


The first part of the dream is a setting where people are looking to enhance performance and willing to do almost anything, like take a pill, that they are told and believe will help them achieve that. This is deception in enhancements for vanity, ego and pride, earthly gain, with a goal to steal souls.

The white pony is deception in sources of messages. Like a mythical creature whispering secrets, enticing and promising power to reveal mysteries. Being controlled and directed by an unseen rider. Warning the Body of Christ to now, more than ever, TEST, TEST, TEST every spirit, ask the Holy Spirit for clear vision and cover all messages, thoughts, visions and dreams with the blood of Jesus.

The friend is deception within your own circles, not just ‘out there’. It is coming through friends, family, colleagues. acquaintances. People close to you may, if not already, be revealed as agents of the enemy. They will show no remorse, only upset and offended that they are uncovered. Take caution of words spoken from a ‘trusted’ source – as a lying tongue can whisper deception as smoothly as a python moves.

Warning: Stay alert, vigilant and sober! Put on your Armor of Light everyday, keep your robe of righteousness spotless and wrinkle-free and seal yourself, loved ones and all earthly provisions and blessings with the Blood of Jesus throughout the day and as needed.

All glory to Yahushua Hamashiach.
In His service.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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