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Deadly Virus Incoming

May 27, 2023 2:37 PM

On 5.24.23 in the middle of the night I heard a word in the spirit. As soon as I heard it I felt a sudden jolt even though I was half asleep. I’ve received words off and on from the Holy Spirit and they’re not usually the earth shattering kind – but this one was. The word I’d received? It was ‘marburg’.

I went back to sleep but when I awoke that morning my mind went back to the word the Holy Spirit had given me earlier. I tried to remember what I’d heard about the ‘marburg’ virus. All I knew was that this virus did some pretty serious damage – affecting the body’s orificies – causing blood to ooze from the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of the infected individual. This virus was going to make the coronavirus look like a walk in the park. The word horrific came to mind.

Fortunately I didn’t have to go far to do any research on the subject. ‘444ProphecyNews.com’ had all the information I was looking for in their search box. I entered ‘marburg’ and got a few hits on the subject matter. I am not an expert on this virus but I believe God has already paved the way through His prophets and messengers on this ‘444ProphecyNews.com’ site via dreams, visions and words – to prepare the body of Christ for the coming onslaught. Below you’ll find the various ‘marburg’ related posts from this site.

Before sending off this article the Holy Spirit gave me the name ‘Vicki Goforth Parnell’ one of the messengers listed here. I’m guessing her post might contain certain information the Holy Spirit is wanting to highlight. But I urge the reader to at least consider looking at the other posts as the Lord has given this precious information to be disseminated to His body. I thank God for His goodness in alerting His children to what’s coming and I pray that many will turn to Him and His son Jesus Christ in this very dark hour.

In closing I received the word ‘marburg’ one more time. The Holy Spirit is surely pointing to the seriousness of this next coming virus/pandemic. Please stay in prayer, especially for our loved ones who took the vax.

List of posts on the ‘marburg’ virus

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