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Deadly Virus – Daniel Chung

Deadly Virus

Jan 25, 2020
Daniel Chung

A Vision of a deadly Virus relating with the End Times received right after born again experience which occurred on December 31, 1989.

(January 25, 2020, written by Daniel Chung)

Before traveling to Kobe, Japan on December 25th, the year of 1989, I was working at the University of Chicago in the field of membrane protein structures with colleagues of scientists, so I am very familiar with virus and protein structures, and immune systems, even though my profession was not directly related in this area.

Unfortunately, my parents separated for so long, I had a chance to meet family together to solve relationship problem, I had to go to Kobe, Japan, and my mother should come from South Korea and my young brother from Australia and my sister in Kobe.
Once we all gathered in Kobe, our family problem was settled down. The following day was Sunday, the last day of 1989. We attended the Kobe full gospel church that had just opened a month ago and few families were attending. While singing worship songs, I had a rare experience which I never had been before, and heard, “Your sins are forgiven”, with a clear voice in my ears. Soon I began to weep and weep and tears dropping like raindrops and I kept on saying, “Thank You Lord” “Thank You Lord”, while still weeping. I have never had such experience before such tears from my eyes.

While we sang other worship songs, I just mumbled with my mouth, because I didn’t know that song, and heard the voice of “the Holy Spirit is in you”. I didn’t quite understand what it meant. Nevertheless, the voice of “Your sins are forgiven” made me so joyful and I couldn’t describe how wonderful my feeling was.

While I left this church, my world view was changed. Before I didn’t have any particular feelings about things of trees, plants, flowers, or even small stones, anything, but all things were different feelings to me. They were so beautiful, adorable, and seemed to express the glory of God the Creator.

I lost my appetite, so I only drank water and kept constantly praising God for His grace and mercy for the forgiveness of my sins.

On that night, God opened my spiritual eyes to see a dark evil spirit at the corner of the room where my father used to sleep. As soon as I saw, I went near the evil spirit and shouted, “Satan, getaway, I command in the name of Jesus.” Amazingly, the evil spirit fled after he kicked my hip. While moaning in a pain, I knelt and prayed to God. At this moment, I saw a vision about the virus just like watching TV screens in color. First, this vision wasn’t clear to me, so I prayed to the Lord Jesus, asking, “Lord Jesus, if you want to show me something, please show me clearly.” Then surprisingly, the scenes were closed up and showing things were virus which was familiar with me and the virus seemed coming from haze simmering warm place and floated up with mixed formed of water vapors and later then infected skins of people or were mixed with raindrops that were falling on the ground. I saw many hands appearing and the virus-infected people through the air or by touching one another and then the virus penetrated to the skin pores of skins and then multiplied and destroyed the immune systems. I saw mouths of many people and coughing, then so many viruses came out of their mouths and the virus was spread into the air.

Once the virus contacted on the skin, its action was the same as attacking the immune system through skin membranes of the infected person.

While I was watching these scenes, I was very terrified and trembled, with fear sweating all my body and felt like the dead.

Through this vision of the virus, the message of God is the End Times is so close, as is written in the Bible.
Since I had been educated in Science and conducted experiments to get the proven results by tests and examinations, I began to reason how this virus affected living things. At this moment I just was using a small toilet house with the roof of an iron pad.

Coincidently, I heard the sound of water dropping on the top of the toilet due to raining, located outside of the house, and then thought that if contaminated water droplets with the virus, fall on the ground, then insects on earth might die first, and then any animals eating these infected insects also might die with the chain reactions. My imagination of this way of thinking continuously expanded: what will happen birds in the air, what about fish in rivers and in the ocean?

If the virus-contaminated water droplets fall into rivers and ocean, then planktons may be first contaminated and whichever will eat infected planktons or micron size living things, they will be dead and then by chain reactions sea animals even will die. This was my reason for the vision of the virus.

Since the summer of 1992, I had traveled to the northeastern part of China to do God’s work and almost forgot about my vision of the virus. On November 16 in 2002, while the outbreak of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAS) began in Guangdong province, China, I had resided in Yanji, Jilin province. Through news of SARS epidemic, Chinese government authorities monitored people and traced who were the passengers on the train, if some of them were infected with the SARS. And they found also the virus which attached to walls of the train could survive for three days, meaning if someone happened to be touched the virus by accident, then he or she also got an infection of SARS.

In this time of period, I used to visit countryside villages to do God’s work. One day when going near toward a small village in the Province of Jilin, I saw local government authorities set up a checkpoint to do check everyone who entered that village. If a village person got infected with the virus, that entire village was on lockdown. Then I remembered my vision of the virus which God had shown me almost 12 or 13 years ago. The one thing clear to me was the original outbreak place was a warm area like the southern city of Guangdong. The virus which I saw was from a warm place haze simmering with the water vapor. This virus was something related to the warm temperature zone.

Now next my reasoning was what about animals like chickens, ducks, cows, fish, etc. Around 2005, I saw news through news medias, saying, many birds were dead on streets in America. The authorities couldn’t express why and how birds were drop dead here and there.

Not long after, “bird flu” outbreak news had broken out in China and also near other countries, chickens and ducks got flu virus and infected people. The authorities insolated the areas to quarantine and collected so many infected chickens to destroy.
I also saw the news that cattle were dying due to virus and animals in mountain areas also were dying.
Recently through Internet news quite often saw dead fish in rivers or seashores around the world. Even in deep-sea animals like whales, sharks, dolphins, the dead bodies have been shown on seashores like in Australia. What caused these animals to die?

The vision of the virus-like flu which I saw was almost passed by 30 years, and I didn’t write down that vision at that time. Now when Wuhan coronavirus outbreaks and spreads out to other areas and also hearing of this virus infecting person to person, I retrospect my vision of the virus of December 31, 1989, all those reasonings including person to person infection and dying people, all have been fulfilled and going on some other reasonings of the vision.

The vision of the virus flu-like Wuhan coronavirus which was shown to me is God’s warnings for all people to return to the Creator of heavens and earth and on it and under it, and God’s wakening calls or the sound of trumpets for all to repent their sins and to accept His Son Jesus and to believe in Him to receive the eternal life. As the time of His coming is approaching, more terrible situations will be faced upon for all and will be soon happened unprecedented tribulations on earth, as written on the apocalypse of Saint John (the book of Revelation of the New Testament).

During the time of the fall of 2003 through the spring of 2004, God gave me four dreams regarding how to prepare for Jesus’ coming. If God allows me to write down them including all my missionary works for more than ten years in China, more than one year in Cambodia, a little more than seven years in Thailand. I’d like to encourage and exhort people that Jesus Christ is really the living God and the Savior and the word of God is true through my spiritual experiences, and heaven and hell really exist. The word of God says, “whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” (NKJ James 4:14) The writer of Hebrews of the New Testament gives warning for all that “as it is appointed for men to die once but after this the judgment.” (NKJ Hebrews 9:27)

Now I’d like to encourage people who happened to read this story to prepare spiritually strong in your faith in Christ against the coming terrible times and to overcome by the power of God through the Holy Spirit in Christ our Lord. As the Apostle Peter says that “nevertheless, we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things, be diligent to be found by Him (Jesus) in peace, without spot and blameless.” (NKJ 2 Peter 3:13,14) Amen.

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