DC WILL FALL – Paul Campos

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December 14, 2022 12:47 AM
Paul Campos

Word from The Lord Hoseenu

‘There will be a shutting of the door Paul,
It will be of titanic proportions, flimsy boat,
Your sail boats won’t save you. The cardinal will reach the peak, its redness will disappear.’ (I believe the lord is taking about catholicism?) ‘there is one book, there is one Truth, Jesus Christ, One Gospel, Jesus Christ.’ Amen. (I saw a vision of a lantern, it was the green lantern of The Comic Book Franchise (DC) the light was gone. (No light only black) The Lord Said DC will fall. (DC has put a lot of emphasis on Homosexuality and Foreign gods)
Then the Lord Spoke ‘Superman is not your king, Jesus Christ Is.’ And then The Lord Spoke ‘Lightning flutters from the peak, the dead will rise again.’ Another Word from the Lord weeks ago he spoke ‘Santa’s coat is red, but my robe is dripped in blood’ This connected to a Vision I received weeks later- (I saw a quarry (mining) and a Christmas tree was thrown into it.) I know mining for metals, jewels and stones has become a branch of greed in the world, and has brought much death and destruction to nations and peoples. I then received the impression from the Holy Ghost ‘Selfishness is going away.’

This is what I believe The Spirit of God is saying, ‘no more selfishness, no more caring about these earthly things, it’s time to change and focus on him. Religion will fail you, and people will. We fail ourselves, and he’s waited long enough, it’s time to fasten our seatbelts for the ride home. It’s almost time. ‘

There is a lot of decoding in this vision/word of knowledge. I know some people won’t agree with everything. God limits some people based on their walk and restricts from there.) i was instructed by the Lord to get rid of all my marvel stuff. It is difficult but to be obedient is a great reward. God Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ. Shalom. Amen.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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