Prophecy, Three Days of Darkness

Days of Darkness – Wendi Lee

Wendi Lee

I received this Word from Father God Yahweh at 10:48 pm on 6 April 2016.

Please take this Word into prayer.

My beautiful daughter of Zion, write these, My Holy Words, for all of my Saints who belong to my Son, Yeshua. That you received with my spoon in My Eternal and Holy Throne Room, write My Blessed Daughter of Mine.

Soon, you will be flying. Wherever you want to go. It will be ever so magnificent for you, my beautiful remnant of Yeshua’s. After all of your work for me has been accomplished. After you have seen much suffering from My wrath, and my destruction. The time is growing nearer and nearer. My wonderful Saints, do not forget to be praying for my 2 witnesses. Do not forget to be praying for my lost sheep. At this point and forward there will be guests that come to My precious Son, for salvation and Eternal Life. Yes, the guests will go up in the Rapture of My First Harvest. My First Fruits.A lot of questions about the timing of my 3 days of darkness have been asked. Father will tell you. It will be before the first barley rapture. It will be a formidable event for my lost and backslidden and lukewarm, but a fantastic and glorious event for my Son’s Bride. Saints, you will receive my Glory before the days of darkness. This is not the putting off of the corruptible and the putting on of the incorruptible. This is receiving the Power from on High. My fullness of my Ruach Ha Kodesh. For you to do Father’s everlasting works. Think not that you will be invincible while you are working for Me. For did not I say that some of my Son’s precious Bride will be martyred and tortured for His Name’s sake? Just allow Me to disclose to you what Father chooses to reveal. Take every message to Me. Some of my Saints think they have it figured out. No one will be able to know unless I reveal it. Father God Yahweh Elohim, I AM the only revealer of My most excellent plan, has spoken

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