Krystal Beall

September 7 2018

Beloveds…hear me. I AM through the door. The hour of my unveiling and revelation is NOW. Many of you bear wounds…both physically…and spiritually. Bear one anothers burdens in love. Bear your cross in love and with patience. Knowing that I WILL HEAL AND DELIVER YOU. My hand is stayed upon you and many of these sufferings are a partaking in my passion. Know that you shall be revealed in ALL MY GLORY. Labor pains have increased and like a woman in travails cries out pained to be delivered so do I am my faithful. My creation and I groan in one accord to be delivered. The beast system has risen. It is VITAL you cry out to me NOW. Whoever calls upon ME ( the name of the LORD) shall be saved. Do not think that because you are afflicted I AM displeased with you. NO LOVES…I AM PLEASED WITH YOU. The wounds you bear are for my GLORY. I have blessed thee and shall continue to do so. GREAT GLORY IS AT HAND. For the trumpet sounds…Blow ye the trumpet in Zion..sound an alarm in my Holy mountain let all the inhabitants tremble for the DAY OF THE LORD IS AT HAND…It has come near….lo it is HERE. For the fire I have warned and warned about does indeed fall. Do NOT fear..but rejoice. My peace I give unto you…not as the world gives..but as I give. These kingdoms of men and vanity shall I destroy. I AM HERE…I AM COME…LIFT UP YOUR HEADS FOR YOUR REDEMPTION IS HERE. I AM MERCIFUL YET JUST. I AM saddened that so many of you have not been properly taught about me. I will recompense and avenge your lives. You have been led astray in deception. The god of this world has snared and trapped many. My heart grieves. I grieve and mourn within. I shed many tears over my final generation. Yet loves what GLORY IS AT HAND. The darkness grows thicker as I AM TO be revealed. IN THE THICK…DEEP DARKNESS…I WILL BE SEEN. My GLORY WILL LIGHT UP AND OVERTAKE THE EARTH. My light shines without hindrance. I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD…SO HAVE YOU. I have prepared a place that where I AM you may be also. Behold I come quickly. My reward is with me. FEAR NOT LITTLE FLOCK FOR IT IS YOUR FATHER’S GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM. What has been veiled from you shall be revealed. There is much to reveal. Much to tell you. What is written will become crystal clear. No more shall my people stumble in darkness but shall walk upright full of unceasing joy in light and the fullness of life. You shall taste and see that I the LORD AM good. I have collected your tears in my bottle and AM moved by your prayers for the lost. A bountiful harvest…Wedding joy…A white stone…A new name.
Jesus Christ

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