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Daughter of Babylon – Ashleigh Quinn (Be The Light)

Ashleigh Quinn (Be The Light)

Oct 23rd 2017

“Deliver my decree, Speak to the daughter of Babylon

The nations have gathered round about you though they go unseen. They carry weapons of great indignation that bear your name. Ten nations have aligned with the evil one to plan your demise. Was it not written and shall it not come to pass?
Oh Babylon the great and lofty city so full of pride and innocent blood, I have set your enemies over you, round about you and they shall do my bidding for I have put it into their hearts to destroy this wicked nation. Your name will be spoken no more among the nations and your demise shall be seen by all.
Stand at the gates and proclaim, “they stand outside the city, they have prepared for war and none goes to battle.” Your walls have been brought down, you are defenseless yet you sit as a queen and think no harm will come to you. Put on sackcloth, sit in the ashes and mourn your death great harlot, for your time has come and your destruction comes in one hour.
Mourn you nations of the world as you see the smoke of her burning, the recompense of her filth and abominations before me. No nation shall help you up, no nation shall stretch out their hand to you. They shall tremble at my might and they shall know that I AM the Lord that judges her.”

Revelation 17, 18
Isaiah 47
Ezekiel 7
Zephaniah 1:7-18, 2:1-3

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