Darkness, Prophecy, Three Days of Darkness

“Darkness, Thick Darkness Comes” – TD Hale

TD Hale

June 14, 2016

The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me this: “Confusion, confusion says the Almighty. Distress upon the land. Know and understand, times and seasons are in My Hands. Look not to any for answers, for it is in Me alone. You say, ‘all will be well’ but I say, you have trusted but not in the Name of the Lord. You have put your trust in money but your bags will have holes in it soon. You have said, ‘we will rise above this’ but I say, you will be brought low. You say, ‘we have repented’ but I say you are a liar. Confusion, confusion is in the hearts of men. The only hope will be to trust in Me but the heart of man is wicked and I call for repentance only to have my voice silent by the voices of rejoicing, laughter of false prophets who declare from their pedestals that they see brightness and light but know this day, darkness, thick darkness comes and will overtake you who dwell not in light. Keep your hand steady My people and know assuredly that I who dwell among the Host will bring all things to light. For the day is upon you who have wondered, ‘When?’ This is the day of the great shaking but I still have a people who will not back down or coward in the face of trouble. Seek Me while I may be found. Soon I will burst upon My people with an anointing to deliver in the day of desperation. Shaking will come but hear the words this day, I have a people and I have My prophets who are few but will be torches in the day of trouble.” 6/14/16

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