darkness is soon to swallow up the entire world – Paul Chastain

darkness is soon to swallow up the entire world

May 5, 2020 10:33 AM
Paul Chastain

The Lord is speaking of trusting in Him rather than our government. He is saying that all governing over us are liars and that HE alone is the source of truth. The government seeks to control and enslave, to take away your freedom and your rights given by My hand, to winnow down the ones who would stand and proclaim the truth to those who do not know.
The Lord is seeking His children’s complete trust and obedience. He is seeking to speak to them as mature followers of Jesus, and to send them into the battle, into the fray, to stand as beacons of light in the threatening darkness. This darkness is soon to swallow up the entire world.

The Lord is saying to His Bride, ‘seek ME, trust ME, and ME alone, for I AM your source of safety, provision, direction and strength. In Me alone will you find these things. Let go of the thought of worldly truth, for their is none. The media, the leaders of cities, states and nations, ALL are liars. All are in on the plans to bring enslavement to all who survive what is coming. Trust in Me and Me alone. Get into My Word and stay there. Stay in prayer, at all times, unceasing. I will direct, I will instruct you in what you are to do and where you are to do. I will be your strong tower.’

The time is even shorter than you can imagine.


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