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Darkness Descends – Ali Winters


Darkness Descends

July 23, 2020
Ali Winters

The Word I speak does not change says the LORD – repent, return to Me, acknowledge your sin before Me. Your nation is drowning in sin; yet refuses to repent. Egregious sins separate her from God; the people rejoice in their rebellion, iniquity abounds and the wages of sin continue to mount. The iniquity of America – murder, rebellion, unrighteousness – all you see today is her iniquity.

The earth lies in the clutches of evil. Lazy, listless men, men once filled with faith and purpose, have abdicated their position for a place at the table of power, position and popularity; none counted the cost. I have called but few have answered. I have warned, but many have scoffed. Truth falls in the streets. In days ahead darkness will fall, men’ hearts will remain distant and cold. Speak the Word, be diligent in season and out of season, rebuke, reprove, encourage, enlighten. As darkness descends, many will not welcome My Word, refusing to believe, refusing to accept I AM that I AM [they will call] to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!

My Word will be thrown down by pastor and politician alike. Prepare for a new day is coming and with it will come turmoil, defeat and rejection of all that is good. But when darkness pours out upon the land My Light will shine even brighter for those who are Spirit led, divinely inspired and uncompromising in their faith. Never doubt for a moment I AM is in control. Because of the loving devotion of the LORD we are not consumed, for His mercies never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness! The LORD is my portion, says my soul, therefore I will hope in Him. Do not take lightly the work I have called you to do. Do not take your eyes off Me. Refuse to fret, stand in faith, fear not and do not join with the band of voices that speak out of desperation, hopelessness and fear. Be a voice that speaks out of the darkness words of life

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  1. Richard Becker

    When i read in James 1 that those who lack wisdom just has to ask God and He will give freely, i know what i lack so why not ask God. So i asked for knowledge because i wanted to know. Then when the knowledge came, i wanted to understand BUT to understand they way God wants me to understand, not how people want me to understand. As that was taught to me, i asked if God knew when i was ready, please give me wisdom.

    i didnt care if everyone on earth hated me for asking God for His knowledge, understanding by His way, and even His wisdom, ive been a loner almost all my life. im used to people hating me for dumb reasons.

    So if people dint like it, ill say something else they wont like –
    God’s Torah was never abolished. The church has taken Torah out, even barred the doors against against God’s Holy Word, now That is blasphemy! The church has grieved the Holy Spirit for to long now.

    Want proof? Pray on it. Ask God yourself but ready yourself for His truth.

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