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Darkness Covers – The Messenger


Darkness Covers

December 1, 2021 12:36 PM
The Messenger

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Received 11/6/21 Close to 5:30 Am Added on


Vision received The week of Starting 11/28/2021

Thee Lord wanted me to include this vision that he gave me just the other day I did not write it down immediately for it was early in Thee morning when he gave me it.When I got up to spend time with him the other day While downstairs I was told to go upstairs and lye down and close my eyes and this is what I was shown . While lying down the Lord spoke to me and said close your eyes so I did . What do you see I said a planet covering the sun and than all I saw was at the very edges light. Than he said what do you see now and I said a hand behind the planet covering the sun to block out the remaining light. That is what I was given and here are His Words.

My Son take this message of disgust . My Body My Children why do you continue to follow men why do you stay stuck in this world chained to it . You anger Me Your Father Your Creator to no ends and now look what you have now done. Take a good long hard look around right now and realize what you see shall be changed in a blink of an eye . In a blink of an eye I take My Reward My Heritage away the ones whom I deem . In a blink of an eye I transform My Worthy My First Fruits to send this world a message , in a blink of an eye everything changes. In a blink of an eye those who thought were leaving never would have and still shall be left looking up .

When will you ever truly understand when will you truly learn I send you My Very Own Prophets Watchmen And Messengers and you crucify them with your unholy Words. Who made you sinless and blameless in front of My Throne, you make your own testimony against yourselves you keep digging your own hole your own grave you keep touching brotherly love and do not know it .I send messengers with messages of peace messages of love from My Holy Mouth messages of correction and you just toss them aside like paper into the trash heap
Thus Says Me Your LORD Your God you better look harder and keep realizing one thing, there is no escape for you with a belief and unrighteousness as that . I offer you My Holiness and you trash it I offer you My Spirit to be lead and guided and you toss it away like Esau’s birth right. I offer you My SON Thee Anointed One The Way The Truth The Life and to just come to HIM, Jesus and you spit in My Face Thee Creators Face . I am Your Father I created all I created the heavens I have created the earth you stand on and what I say out of My Holy Words and My Holy Mouth shall come forth My Will shall be done, it shall .

My Holy Words is who I am as well as My Spirit that I sent forth to you but you are void of listening to My grieved Spirit you are void of the Truth, you are void period . Many of My Own have shed tears for you America mystery babylon and yet no matter what I have said nor have tried to do to wake you a slumbering nation of Unholy people , you never wake up you have not . Do not My Words say Hearken To The LORD but you dismiss those Words ,you who await cannot even hear the trumpet blow because you will not Hearken to Me Your LORD . You who do not even realize you are in disobedience to Me . I sit on a Throne Of Holiness but yet you miss the whole point of being a Christian, what has Me Your Father Your God has not done to try to wake this slumbering nation up .Do not My Words say be Holy for I am Holy do they not say worship Me Your LORD in Spirit and Truth does it not say obedience is better than sacrifice in My Words it says all of that but you gloss over all that to wait for an event that many will never partake in because you think belief is all you need .

Children what is THE WILL OF GOD do you not understand you are so void. Do you not realize that throughout My Words it says The Will Of God have you not read that countless times in the New Testament what Paul wrote . How about My Own SON who said on countless times I have come to do My Father’s Will The One Who Sent Me or did you gloss over that . Children how about when all My Prophets Messengers And Watchmen said Thus Saith The LORD Your God how did they say it. When Moses parted the Red Sea and when Samuel anointed king David how was it all done . How about the Words My Holy Words that you read how were they all written down for you to read . The point I am trying to make Children is there is you my very own read my words and do not let my grieved spirit Thee Holy Spirit guide you in all things .

Children if you do not do My Will than you are what, in disobedience, and that is what America mystery babylon has become . You are a whole nation void of Holiness you are void of knowledge you are found wanting and you must be corrected says Me Your LORD Your God . You do not understand My Holy Spirit and how much you have grieved HIM Your nation is lead by men controlled by satan and is now on a downward spiral that is way beyond any measurable means . You have corrupted the world and made the world drink off of sorceries as well as a babylonian system from your father the one of lies . Children what do you not understand you have become what I despise, a nation that must be judged so void of God. You are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and when I visited there personally to visit Abraham I destroyed it, well that time has come America, for it is time for your nation the unholy unjust nation that you America has become to be punished.I Your Father has had enough the stench of all the sin the filth the unrighteousness has filled all of heaven My Nostrils can not take it anymore. . What do you think I shall do when I lift My True Ones off the planet and let satan take control do you think My Mercy shall abound or will death destruction be all around you.

Children do you think I want to do this do you, I have grieved awhile now and shed oh so many tears for so many, but My Grieving is over, for now it is time time to pay the price for Your sins America time for judgement time for all to start . I am a Holy Just Merciful God and I have done all within normal means to wake you oh slumbering nation of pride up. I have called for repentance from the heart and got none so be it, I have waited and waited and you My Children have never corrected your course that is up till now for what I am about ready to do. I as your creator is about to send a shockwave , a message to you Mystery Babylon .America you as a whole are in disobedience to Me Your LORD Your God and I Your LORD cannot have this , if you read in My Words in The Book Of Judges when the nation of Israel got away from Me Your LORD I would chaste them over and over again.

Mystery Babylon your days of preparation are over , I thee Lord Your God shall change your seasons your direction your nation prepare for bloodshed prepare to lose loved ones prepare for total destruction total death total surrender of Your way of life as you now know it . Children prepare for dark times both spiritually and physically prepare for total darkness around you . I am Thee Lord Your Father and what I shall bring forth and do is out of Love for My Children to save them to save their souls from Thee Pit. Children you will be in awe you shall now know that I am Your LORD Your God,, seek Me now for it is here. End of message Your Lord Your God

Jer 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart



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