Dark Forces Seek To Conquer Even Your Soul – Brian Ethier

Dark Forces Seek To Conquer Even Your Soul

November 22, 2020 1:35 PM
Brian Ethier

It is high time to wake up and to face the fact,
That truly evil ones are preparing for their final act;
Putting forth a devious plan to change the Creator’s DNA with their advanced technology,
Yes, to go after every human soul, so to bring down all of humanity.


It’s time, it’s time faithful warriors to rise up and shine and to take a stand,
To expose their sinister plot, to help your fellow man understand;
For with much lies and deception so to trick you is their ultimate goal,
As these dark forces seek to take over, to conquer even your soul.

They think they are far superior and want total control,
To strip you of your freedom, your rights, your possessions and even of your soul;
It’s time, it’s time to discern, to never fall to their latest ploy,
For the sole purpose of the wicked is always to steal, to kill and to destroy.

The Holy Bible is very clear to never bow nor comply to their beast of indignation,
And if you choose their abomination, the lake of fire is your destination;
We know Father Yahuah Elohim will always be in charge of all His creation,
The Great I AM is testing everyone, see who will never follow their new world order of desolation.

And so it’s time, it’s time to rise up, to put your full armor on daily,
And proclaim loudly the Name of Yahusha, your Savior King in victory;
With the Word, your sword, stay away from all vaccines, all marks of the powers that be,
And pray for Righteousness, Justice, Truth; for strength, courage, protection, to persevere no matter what you see.


It’s time, it’s time, it’s time faithful warriors to rise up and shine and take a stand,
With great supplication help bring down Heaven to Earth and help your fellow man to understand!

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