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Danger hides among you – Barbara Francis

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

Danger hides among you

May 29, 2023
Barbara Francis

Danger hides among you. Shape shipters and Reptilians. They have been written about, Mans monuments show pictures of them . They have been called myths by scholars. They represent other worldly beings. The truth is revealed this day for those willing to accept it. Demons from the past have infiltrated every aspect of human life. These beings are not human but come to experiment on man. They need the earths resources and have been coming for them undetected. Those who speak of them of them have been shunned by family, friends and government. Soon they will war with man. They need women to procreate . Earths woman, like in past times that produced giants and hybrids . Monsters ,etc. They are here now waiting. Oen your eyes now. IAM giving you warning of a strong delusion coming to you

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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