Dancing with the Devil! – Benjamin Faircloth

Dancing with the Devil!

June 30, 2019
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America your time has come to face your Judge! You are guilty of treason against My Word! I gave you the Kingdom and the authority to execute My Will but you turned this permission into oppression! You’ve sacrificed your rights for a bowl of porridge, another night with the plagues of Egypt, rather than confessing your sins and to come out of Babylon! I have told you through My Warnings and Pleas that judgement and pressure would increase, yet few have surrendered all! You really don’t believe My Word, do you? Not me, not here, not now, this isn’t so-are the words of those who live in deception and lie in the evil one! The time has come to reap what is Mine and for you to reap what you’ve sown! But woe to those whose seed is unrighteous and woe to those who serve mammon (money) and Baal!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Isaiah 34)

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