D-Day Is On The Way: John Shorey Newsletter 9-29-2018

D-Day Is On The Way: John Shorey Newsletter 9-29-2018


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  1. Jorge Fernandez


    It started August last year 2017, the D-Day that you speak of. Back in 2015, God and Jesus told me that the gates of heaven were closed because of the great battle being fought. I was told to get ready for what is to come next. I lost contact with Jesus at the time, until the beginning of 2017. Jesus told me that they defeated the evil one and our Father casted it out of heaven and it was no longer allowed back in. Jesus said it would reach earth soon and the greatest disasters of our time would follow. He said the evil one will deceive man and murders from all walks of life would occur. Suicide, theft, rape, deceit and lies would plague us. The children of the world will be tortured and lay victim to its wrath. But, that will occur alongside to the destruction that evil one would bring to the land and it will poison the water and food. Viruses and bacteria will multiply and bring death. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, firestorms, hurricanes, floods and drought will rapidly sweep the earth killing thousands and driving millions to struggle to survive, ultimately leading to chaos and more death. These are the things Jesus warned me of, but he wanted me to let everyone know to be strong and remain in faith because our Father has not forgotten us. I lost contact with Jesus again and God told me that he is getting ready for what is to come next. God told me that Jesus will be following the evil one to earth and it will be soon. I asked God when this would happen and he he told me I would know. August 2017 I felt the presence of evil and that was days before the multiple hurricanes appeared. I then felt the presence of Jesus and God told me that Jesus was on Mt. of Olives waiting to receive the command from him to brings us back to heaven. Jesus is here on earth. I have seen the end and God told me that it was coming sooner than later. It is going to be horrific, but those who remain in faith will be spared from the fire. These are the last days.

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