D-Day! – Benjamin Faircloth

Benjamin Faircloth

January 13, 2019


“America you are in the Valley of Decision. This Valley is not political but prophetic! Who will you choose to lead you, Me or Baal? Me or the gods of Egypt? Man has failed you, but you refuse to see the signs that are in abundance and they are all around you! Where will you go and to whom will you turn to when the gates of hell are opened and your enemies come against you? You’ve abandoned your only source of safety and security. You’ve rejected the only antidote for your sickness and disease! I’ve waited for your decision. I patiently waited for your return, but America you’ve chosen the path of destruction. Your relentless pursuit of unrighteousness has left you in this Valley! Choose this day America who you will serve. Choose this hour and come out of the chains of sin, and I will receive you as My own! Today is your hour of decision!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 17)

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