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cryptic dream…need interpretation

October 17, 2019
Just A Messenger

Had a really weird dream this morning. It was really cryptic and the type of dream you can’t
easily forget but it wasn’t totally crystal clear either tho. More like kinda vague or hazy like. Anyways. It was night time outside
and I was in a backseat of a car. My son, who was very little was asleep beside me. He looked
like a little toddler. In real life he is now 30! Anyways…. The windows of the car was full of
dew or condensation but outside you could see quite a few young people with babies or young
children in strollers walking around outside and the ground I noticed was pavement. For some
odd reason I was not very interesting going outside in the night air tho I also wanted to stretch
my legs out. From the front windshield you could see the biggest and brightest big full moon
with all it’s craters fully visible. I have never seen the moon that big in my life before. It was
enormous!!! Anyways, I heard the word ‘144000′ and something to do with the ‘manchild’. Ps,
the babies and little children represented ‘seed’ ???? Hope someone can interpret this because I sure can’t! Anyways, good luck with it and G_d bless!


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