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cryptic dream…need interpretation

October 17, 2019
Just A Messenger

Had a really weird dream this morning. It was really cryptic and the type of dream you can’t
easily forget but it wasn’t totally crystal clear either tho. More like kinda vague or hazy like. Anyways. It was night time outside
and I was in a backseat of a car. My son, who was very little was asleep beside me. He looked
like a little toddler. In real life he is now 30! Anyways…. The windows of the car was full of
dew or condensation but outside you could see quite a few young people with babies or young
children in strollers walking around outside and the ground I noticed was pavement. For some
odd reason I was not very interesting going outside in the night air tho I also wanted to stretch
my legs out. From the front windshield you could see the biggest and brightest big full moon
with all it’s craters fully visible. I have never seen the moon that big in my life before. It was
enormous!!! Anyways, I heard the word ‘144000′ and something to do with the ‘manchild’. Ps,
the babies and little children represented ‘seed’ ???? Hope someone can interpret this because I sure can’t! Anyways, good luck with it and G_d bless!

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  1. Nancy

    The 144,000 are the Jews who will be raised up from the 12 tribes of Israel who will go into all the world and preach the Gospel while the anti-christ rules.

  2. refuge and hiding place

    Just a messenger-
    I was reading the posted words like I often do at the end of the day and ran across your dream. Dreams, visions, numbers and interpitation are a thing in our household. At first blush I was only getting a few things. But I asked my wife to have a read and God started talking to both of us pretty quickly. Send me a note so I have your email (if that’s ok) to refugeandhidingplace@hotmail.com and we will send you an interpitation in a day or so. I want to pray into it to make sure we are correct and ask God if we are to step in. I will say it is encouraging

  3. Merab

    I came across this video a few days ago that explains in great length the connection between the 1,44,000 and kids. It’s a lengthy video but you may be able to find answers to your dream puzzle in this video. It’s a matter of studying. Study it and come to your own conclusion. Here is the link.

  4. Mark

    Visit revelation12.ca and read about the Holy Manchild. I am a witness to this true story.

    Please ask Jesus to confirm it for you, do not trust your own human wisdom. Human wisdom is devilish and always fails you. Sadly many are rejecting Jesus all over again as they reject His Holy Manchild.

    Jesus can not bless you to receive the Holy Manchild if you mock Him with disbelief. If you have mocked Jesus in these truths in the past please repent now.

  5. Istvánné Sasvári

    The 144 thousand = Remnanat  = manchild = first fruits  : their gathering is near ! 
    I share messages of this thema 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsMQGy9ukJo&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR3MqtaWUNvN0PiXw9NMpLQKyOWZn4aWJur9byvfJWd3M-NJ5ZgzW15CM0E MY OBEDIENT CHILDREN MY CROWN JEWELS…SHALL GATHER THE FIRSTFRUITS 


  6. Alida

    In agreement with Istvánné Sasvári above, I only want to add:
    moon = soul of man, reflecting the sun’s light. Therefore, bright, close-up full moon = human soul in full reflection of Jesus’ light = birth of manchild, hence also all the young people with children, as well as your own .
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. TrinidadWarrior777

    When someone who is an adult is represented as a child it could also mean they are not fully matured spiritually. Seeds are gods word planted within someone. They bear fruit once fully grown. I had a similar dream in 2015 where all the kids were taken. I was told in this dream that they as well as the submissive followers as well as overcomer of christ would either die or be taken somehow. I know I was one of the left behind and was instructed there were others knows who were called Gods Trinidad Warriors. His remnant army that was to stay among unbelievers to gather in the final harvest. Weather or not this dream has any ground in reality remains to be seen. I for one pray the children would be spared all of what is to come myself

  8. Vision Heir

    It sounds like you are a protector of the sons of Israel (144,000). And the others you saw outside of the car have the same role. Like a spiritual guardian for the next generation. This is indicated by your son sleeping and you watching. Rev 7:4

    The full moon indicates newness, a new season or awakening. Sounds like it’s time for a shift. A changing of the guard. Like Now is the time for the sons to awaken.

    The dew also indicates a NEW day.

  9. Sathya

    Hi, This is what I felt in my spirit.

    Dark outside, dew – condensation —>state of the world / or people around us – cold in spiritual state and darkness already set in .

    You and your toddler son sleeping —-> God Kept you safe. may be your prayer keeping your 30 year old son safe though he is spiritually still toddler and sleeping. and

    you want to stretch out your leg—> I too feel, you are to just stay relaxed, fixed your eyes on Jesus/His presence. this is not time for going around busy yourself even in the name of ministry. For myself I feel personally led in my spirit now a days to just quietly spend in prayer , praise and read his Word .. In general I am go go and do do person.

    Seeing thru Front windshield —> as long as you stay not distracted ,you see what is coming in near future — seeing thru glass,window is always near future event.

    Full big bright moon —> His first fruits are ready –( His wife made herself ready )
    Manchild, 140000 –> That much is the count

    Pray about this.

    God Bless

  10. Greg

    On October 12 there was indeed a full moon. The 30th of a month (December) is the day before the last day after the manchild of 144(000) is used by God to execute final judgement in the earth.

  11. refuge and hiding place

    Dream interpitation
    In the season of judgment where many will not believe, God has promised and prepared for you a ministry which has not fully awakened in you yet. He has surrounded you with His favor and blessing. He has begun, or will soon begin, to give you a glimpse of the promises He has in store for you, and of those that will carry the promises with you. You (and they) will walk over, above the strongholds and judgments of this age…when you step into the darkness, God’s glory will shine through you, his resurrection will be known, and the multitudes will be saved.
    A promise for a very powerful ends times ministry.

    Clearly God has something for you, I hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you need us to walk you through all the parts and interpitation. We can, but it will make for a very long email.
    God bless

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