Cry, My Beloved Kenya!! – Judy Lubulwa

Cry, My Beloved Kenya!!

Feb 28, 2020
Judy Lubulwa

Cry, My Beloved Kenya!

“O Kenya my love, my anointed country, how long shall your children suffer and be slain before you heed the word of God? How much blood must be shed before you come to your senses?

“You know that I chose you to be the springboard of My Kingdom; yet you let the weak and poor
go hungry and without, while you pretend you do not see. You desecrate holy places. You worship the idols of money, fame, power and lust of the senses. You congregate in man-made churches in my name, yet you call my name in vain! From these  very places you let the widow go home poorer and hungrier; he innocent and repentant languish in jails, orphans go without food and shelter.

“Do you await your destruction like Sodom and
Gomorrah? “You are an immoral lot, who have given rein to bodily and worldly pleasures. You are clothed in sin like dirty rags… thus your prayers cannot reach me. “Turn from the world and from sin. Do what it takes to come back to me. Fast, pray, repent, repent, repent, Kenya.

“Which of you do not know Kenya is chosen to be the place where the New Jerusalem begins? Why else do warring nations find refuge in you? Why are you home to international organizations? Kenya has the highest rate of mushrooming churches in the world.

“Yet you also have the greatest gap between the rich and the poor; the prayerful and the sinful. You have turned your worldly systems into the god that you worship. You have little time or energy for me.
You say you love me, yet you follow false prophets and worship money; you say you will rule the country on your knees, yet you are not willing to do what it takes. You are hypocrites!
“I shall bring down your churches, economic and worldly systems.

You have eyes but do not see and have ears but do not hear. Only few of you shall reach my Kingdom, unless you repent.

“If you hear my voice, take up your cross and follow me. Taking up your cross means being willing to turn away from the world and its ways; being willing to share or give up everything you have to the needy, in exchange for the Kingdom, for you cannot receive me with full or soiled hands.

“You have to give up your mind, your heart, your spirit and soul in exchange for mine. New wine cannot be stored in old wineskins. “Let him who has ears hear. Cursed are those who have ears but do not hear; who have eyes but do not see.

“They are blinded by the passions of their flesh and are agents of the son of destruction. To thirst on the banks of the river of living water is to die of unquenchable lust. It is not the portion of the righteous.

“How will you tell who are my true prophets? It is they who have drunk of the bitter cup; who have few or no possessions; who are willing to share all they have to follow me. Who are willing to shepherd my sheep in truth, generosity, fairness and honesty. For how can you lead others from the very mire you are deeply steeped in? My true servants are willing to give more than they receive.

“My children, beware of wolves in sheepskins
I love you, come to Me”


Sister Judy


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