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Creating Your Own “Rule Book (Bible)”

DECEMBER 3, 2023 2:39 AM

As each of my children are on Earth, they decide what is important to them. They create a value system. The chosen children create an overlay of what I have said is important, in the bible. This is how they conduct their lives. When they faulter, they repent.
My other children make some of the rules overlap, but make excuses, that they talk themselves into, for why they need not comply. They tweak, patch and circumvent what is not of interest to them. These children tend not to repent, for they stay within their guidelines they have created for righteousness, honesty and sexual morals.
Those who create their own “rule book (bible)” are in grave danger, for them to repent, would mean they would have to admit the rules they have adhered to, are wrong.
The only way to true righteousness is staying in the parameters I have set up long ago. Without righteousness you will belong to different Father, than I Am.
Reevaluate what directions you have taken in the past and change that which is necessary to lead a truly righteous life.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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