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May 24, 2024 12:31 PM
The Holy Spirit has given me so many dreams warning don’t get the covid vaccines. I have had so many dreams of rebuking hybrids in Jesus name. The Covid vaccines have not gone away because I work healthcare in North Carolina and they giving patients their 6th shot which is a booster in this year which is 2024.

(Dream Oct 1,2021) COVID SHOTS ARE BAD
I did not see anything but I heard everything. In the dream something or someone kept saying the shots are not good, the shots are not good, the shots are not good referring to the Covid Vaccines. I’ve heard this voice in other dreams when I see nothing but hear everything. That voice came to me in a dream in 2020 saying Jesus is Coming, Jesus is Coming, Jesus is Coming. She sounds like a woman the voice but it’s a supernatural voice that leave a supernatural feeling on me or inside me.

I saw an elderly Caucasian woman in the bed in a nursing home. I could see her white or grey hair, she looked elderly and so fragile laying in that bed. I saw a nurse giving her the covid 19 vaccine. Then some time passed the nurse disappeared. This woman set up in her bed fast. She looked evil, demon possessed, no longer appeared fragile. She just looked wicked. She had this other worldly strength and speed when she sat up demon possessed. She got in her wheel chair. Then I was in her body seeing out her eyes. She was going down the hall way passing all the other residents, she was pushing her chair very fast, she was hyper animated. Didn’t look twice at the other old people. She was about to pass the nurses office when she heard the nurse voice inside the office. She backed up her wheel chair and the scene changed. Now I’m no longer in her body. Some parts of this scene is hidden from me. I couldn’t see the old woman or what she was doing but I could hear her. I saw the nurse afraid tied up on the floor. She had this other worldly strength to overpower this nurse. She was telling the nurse in a very vulgar way to perform oral sex on her. Making her perform oral sex on her. Calling her the curse word for a female dog. Then the dream ended.

(Dream December 5,2021 or around then) CREATURES
My job called me pressuring me since I work healthcare to get the Covid Vaccine before the end of December or I wouldn’t be able to work at 95% of their places because I do travel nursing. I felt pressured but I knew I wasn’t going to get it. I was going to pray God help me get another job if I need to. I felt very pressured that day and that night, I was also wondering if I’m doing enough to raise my kids in the word of God. As I’m drifting off to sleep, I was hearing someone say God is so good to give us dreams and visions to warn us before it happens. I also heard I am pleased with you and your children. I felt a supernatural feeling in the room with me as I fell asleep, I felt the presence of God in my house. In my dream I saw reptilian humanoids I knew the vaccine created these creatures. I saw Xenomorph, the thing from the alien movie. I knew the vaccine was behind it. Then the dream was over.

I have seen this vaccine create different creatures in my dreams

(Dream 2021 sometime) HUMAN-ALIEN HYBRIDS
The dream started with me and my kids were in our apartment but the lights kept going out, blinking off. Then we were in the dark, I was scared. In this dream my kids were toddler size and I had them in my arms. My arms were around them. I could see a light shining from one of the bedrooms in my apartment at the time but the door was closed to that bedroom. I saw a bright light shing from up under the door and in my dream I knew it was a ufo light. In this dream God took me out my apartment I saw a Caucasian elderly couple that looked human but something said human-alien hybrids. Their face that appeared human or normal suddenly just went wicked, they looked evil. As if the normal neutral human face was their poker face. In this dream I was told the race of this particular hybrid but I can’t remember. In my dream I knew they were behind my lights going out in my apartment. In this dream they lived a few apartments down from me. I was rebuking these things in Jesus name repeatedly. Nothing happened to me despite being scared and in the dark even in reality I don’t like the dark. THE END.

(P.S. When I was in that apartment, I was seeing transparent creatures, succubus attacks in my dreams, had family stay one night they were seeing shadow people at their door. I was getting tons of dreams trying to encourage me to be gay (I AM A WOMAN), seeing other women be intimate together, or in the dream something saying watch girl on girl porn. I was getting dreams of sleep paralysis but I would say Jesus name repeatedly through the paralysis and be mobile again in my dream. I was resisting masturbation. Then one night I got a dream and something said this is what I want you to do. I saw two women having sex, PORN, and whatever this was in my dream wanted me to watch it and masturbate. When I woke up after that dream, I knew these weren’t my desires but someone want me to be their puppet.

In this dream I see a naked woman in chains. I see her and the man on top of her in the act of sexual relations. I was put in her body, I could feel her sexual pleasure, I was taken out her body something said she is here because of her sexual sin. In the dream it zoomed in on the man and said he was a demon. (This particular man I saw in the dream was my Facebook friend at the time, very handsome, and had encouraged me to meet up and come get in the bed with him, but I turned him down and he never replied again) The scene of the dream changed I saw zombie. They looked like wicked people with big bloody smiles on their face. They looked wicked but still human but blood was running from their teeth. This one pushed me and I noticed she had superhuman strength. Then I’m taken out of the body that was pushed I see it was a man and a whole group of these zombie people start eating the man alive like animals. I was so afraid as I was being taken out his body because I felt what he felt and someone said the pain is blocked as I was taken out of him. The next scene I’m in a room with these elderly people. They looked human. Something said reptilian humanoids, their eyes started to glow an otherworldly multicolor. Then I zoom in on the one closest to me sitting beside me. This person changed into a hideous monster like no reptilian I ever saw. The creature was so frightening. I went to yell Jesus; it covered my mouth I couldn’t move. It said Jesus repeatedly in a mocking way. The scene changed. I’m in a room with a woman that look human and some big dark creature with a wide mouth and piranha teeth. This woman is trying to get me to put my hand in this creature’s mouth. I was scared. She said you know you deserve worse than this. I ran in this dream out the door. When I got outside it was so dark. I noticed I couldn’t feel Jesus anywhere. Like he was gone. In this dream I remembered all the scenes I saw up until the very end but what was more frightening than all I saw, was not feeling Jesus anywhere. I stood outside in the dark in this dream long enough to think in my head in the dream did I die, am I in hell, or what is this. Then I wake up. As I woke up, I was sitting up straight in my bed, and I yelled JESUS IS LORD in terror. I just woke up and screamed that without thinking it felt like it was a fight to wake up.

( I have seen actual reptilians in my life while awake. I woke up one morning this one with red eyes, black slits, charcoal skin that had scales, it was maybe 3-5 ft tall was at my room door as I opened my eyes. I stared at it, it stared at me. Its eyes were so evil, glowing, and this thing was maybe 3 feet away from my face. Then in high school I saw a boy who called himself a warlock shapeshift beside me on the bus. He looked like a little brunette boy. When he shapeshifted, he had red skin, red hair, tusks, yellow slits in his white eyes. He didn’t notice he shapeshifted and I asked him about it, he brushed me off and said nothing. Then in 3rd grade me and classmates at school, there was a wood’s by our school where we would go out and play. Far back one child said come here. We went it was a reptilian a massive head like a dinosaur sticking out the ground or a portal. This head was massive at the opening of the woods. It had yellow eyes black slits. Greenish color with scales. We tried to get the teacher to come see but she wasn’t walking that far out. Then one night I almost hit a tall reptilian creature in the middle of the road that appeared to have wings. I use to speed and drive crazy at that time. As I was coming up on it in my car. I could see its reptile eyes and maybe wings when I thought I would hit it, I closed my eyes to open my eyes and see I hit nothing. Those are all the times in actual life I saw those creatures)

(Dream March 5,2023)
This dream started off with me being in this very nice upscale store. I decide to go to the back of the store to sit. In this dream before I sit, I look in the mirror. I see me but yet she don’t look like me, but its me. I think I couldn’t see my face in the dream because I could have had light coming from my face that affected my reflection in the mirror. As I’m sitting in the back of the store, I look to my right. I see a blue avatar like creature peeping around the corner looking at me. It looked just like avatar on the movie cover showing half its face but this one looked more wicked. It looked dead yet alive. It had dark blue skin, black hair with possible hanging braids like the creatures in Avatar. I said HYBRID. I went to say I rebuke you in Jesus name. It shook its head tried to paralyze me stop me from speaking. It bared its teeth at me like a cat that would get mad and do that. Its teeth looked very much like cat teeth but longer and sharper. The dream changes its completely dark I hear a horde of creatures running by me. I’m yelling JESUS, JESUS repeatedly. Nothing touched me, I heard this horde like a ton of elephants stampeding but these were creatures making terrifying sounds. Then the dream was over.

I’m going to have to make a part 2 to this because I got to get to work now, God Bless You All and will send in the rest of my Dreams

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