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Cover Your Animal With The Blood Of Jesus

July 1, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

Cover Your Animals With The Blood Of Jesus

When a dog sleeps and it kicks its legs, for it is running in its sleep. When they twitch and cry out in their sleep, they are having a bad dream. Or, a satanic attack. Plead the Blood Of Jesus on all your animals every day. Without fail from now on! The evil one hates the dog most after his hatred for mankind. All your animals that are covered by the Blood Of Jesus will be protected in the coming days. Cover their food and their lodgings also with the protection of the Blood Of Jesus, for the snake king never rests and his demons are on the prowl to destroy you, your family, your animals and possessions.

Remember to stock up on food for them also and secure them from the knowledge of strangers and the tragedy of what happened in Venezuela will come to these shores. All the pets eaten, all the zoo animal eaten, by starving people. Secure the perimeters of your property by prayer and covering all with the Blood of Jesus!

Note: I lost two dogs this Spring by not praying vigilantly. Also aware when my house dogs are crying in their sleep, an immediate prayer covering them in the Blood Of Jesus, they settle down peacefully The results are instantaneous. Pray!


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