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COVER THEM UP – Watchman Marah


April 9, 2020 12:04 PM
Watchman Marah

A few years back I had an interesting dream that I feel is important for us today. As a prophet and watchman, I attempt to let people know what God is doing. Still, as a intercessor, and all prophets are meant to be intercessors, I have a duty and responsibility to pray for my family, my brothers and sisters in Christ, our churches, our governments.
But it wasn’t until this dream, did strike me hard how I wasn’t being diligent. There are some out there that are going through trials that need a reality check, like I did.

In my DREAM I was working out in the yard and someone came up to me and gave me a basket. I open it to find baby rabbits. Baby bunnies the kids called them. They knew I took in wild animals so I placed them in the yard for a while and got back to work.

The next morning the kids ran into my room crying and holding the basket of dead baby rabbits.
I had forgotten about them and left them UNCOVERED in the cold weather. I felt terrible. Guilty. And I repented.

And God gently spoke to me his message.
“You are not covering your family, friends,
and those you know needs help.”

We have a duty to our family and God’s family to cover them. From plagues, from danger, from spiritual forces of evil. Especially in these last days. It is going to be devastating in weather conditions, economy, wars, oppression, catastrophic events, plagues, etc.

We must be diligent in lifting up our concerns and needs to our God through His Word. Let’s get on our knees for those who do not know Him yet and all who are needing prayer and cover them with the love blanket of our savior. He so wants us to know that the fervent prayers of a righteous man or woman avails much.

Love and blessings. Have a good passover and Feast of first Fruits. (Easter/resurrection

Watchman Marah


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  1. David Lockett

    Excellent point,we need to be more diligent and fervent in prayer!!!

  2. McKana

    Some might have a hard time accepting the values of Prayers, Intersession and Repentance. God is merciful. Just remember what the Lord has done for Nineveh! Let us do our job and see and test the mercy of the Lord.
    The living word of God:-
    Matthew 7:7 (KJV)
    Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

  3. Watchman Marah, thank you for sharing you dream, how important we abide in Holy Spirit so we pray when He prays. Romans 8:26 I must tell you I had a very similar dream in 2019. I was in a room where I saw my older daughter who at the time was 16, she was crying. And I was wondering as a mom why she was crying. Then I looked on a wall and there were rabbits on a shelf. They were dehydrated. My daughter cried and said, why didn’t you give them water? Then I woke up deeply convicted. The rabbits represented my daughters friends, and that I need to give them Living Waters through prayer. Thank you Marah for the very timely reminder.

  4. Pat

    Per his interview with Sid Roth (https://sidroth.org/coronavirus-and-the-end-times-live-replay/), Tracy Cooke was shown in a dream that the COVID-19 was created in a lab in China (06:26 – 06:50); and the US Democratic Party is involved with the Chinese government in this plot to derail Trump’s re-election (10:39-11:20).

    Most importantly, Tracy stated that, “They’re devising a plan and a plot, and it’s gonna be UNCOVERED and we’re gonna to see all of these…” (12:01 – 12:12). Please pray that God will swiftly expose this evil scheme for the whole world to see!

    Lastly, Tracy shared that the COVID-19 will diminish by April 15th/16th (the end of Passover week) – see 9:48 – 10:40; 13:43 – 14:21. Please pray!

  5. Sarah

    Ich hatte heute Traum. Ich bin Lehrerin von Beruf, ich musste unterrichten. Der Raum war voll, übervoll mit Leuten, sie alle warteten auf meinen Unterricht. Ich nahm das Buch in meine Hand, aber es war geschrieben, zu eng zu einander, kein freier Platz und ich sah alle Blätter durch, aber ich habe gedacht das ist zu schwer für diese Leute, ich habe keine richtige Übung für sie gefunden. So ging die ganze Zet verloren. Dann habe ich meine Uhr abgenommen, weg gelegt und nicht mehr gefunden. Der Traum bedeutet, dass da draußen sind sehr viele Leute wollen das Wissen haben, aber weil ich gedacht habe, dass sie mich nicht verstehen werden, habe ich ihnen nichts erklärt und dann verlor noch meine Uhr. Das heißt wir haben keine Zeit mehr. Leider fühle ich mich im Leben auch so hilflos gegenüber unwissenden Menschen.

    Frohe Ostern!

    P.S. geschrieben auf Deutsch, vielleicht könnt ihr mit Übersetzer lesen.

    Gott segne euch!

  6. Arizona

    BABIES,since when do you leave babies outside with no protection,THIS is absolute proof of why our FATHER has got to take all the animals and the children,AND THE WOMEN want to run america,I only hope ALL those christians will be here to see what their stupid IDEAS have caused,I lay the coming death and destruction directly at THE FEET OF SPOILED AMERICAN WOMEN..PAY attention girls,THE NEW WORLD will not be like this ever again,YOU WILL NOT EVER BE ALLOWED control of anything,BUT you will be keeping your mouth SHUT,Millions of you will learn this the hard way in RUSSIAN AND CHINESE slave labor camps,AND you will have a collar around your neck,hooked to a chain,WHERE ARE THE MEN IN AMERICA,OH,thats right ,there aren’t none,thanks girls,YOU DESTROYED THEM TOO..your children,your men,and your country,you more then deserve whats coming….

  7. Leah


    Of course you… “ lay the coming death and destruction directly at THE FEET OF SPOILED AMERICAN WOMEN”.
    Your father Adam blamed woman too.
    (Even though their eyes weren’t open until Adam, who was right there with woman, ate too)
    He also blamed God for giving him woman.
    (Even though man was given dominion over the earth including the woman, he still throughout all human history, blames his female counterpart for all of his shortcomings.)
    Have you not heard…Jesus drew a line in the sand between the woman and her male accusers.
    I do not expect you to understand, you are like your father, the father of lies.

    What do I know though… “I’m only a woman after all.” So for now I will be silent towards the likes of you, and ask the One who drew the line between a woman and an accuser such as yourself, to rebuke you, to humble you, to correct you, to get ahold of you.. in whatever way He sees fit, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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