Sep 21, 2019, 9:02 PM
Collins Ouma


Praise the Lord fellow saints.I want to thank you all for your prayers and support when i was in sure need of help. My wife and my team are all well and have been delivered from the attacks they had.Glory to God.

Anyway this morning as i was moving in to the place where we usually have our morning intercession,just as i was waiting for the gates to be opened for me,it was around 3:00am.i saw a white dove not white sparkling but just a white dove flying towards me and the gate where i was standing.My first instinct reaction felt a rush of adrenaline run through me.of course it was very unusual at this hour for a lonely white dove to be flying all alone at this quiet moment.So in my reaction i startled it and flew over the gate and because the gate was high i could not see where it had flown to.It was impressed upon mythoughts that it had wanted to land but because of my first reaction i scared it off.

Fellow brethren early this week a very dear friend of mine who is a prophetic prayer warrior adviced me to be engaging and commanding mighty Angels of the Lord in our warfare prayers. I took it very very seriously because it was the seriously Holy Spirit who had inspired her that thought.So i followed her counsil

Saints have never had any encounters with Angles so i am asking could what i had experienced considered to be AN ANGELIC VISITATION FROM THE LORD TO ENCOURAGE US HE IS WITH US WATCHING US ???

Any one who have an INSIGHT ON this please share out or any one who had had SIMILAR AND ANGELIC EXPERIENCE PLEASE SHARE OUT.

God bless you all,
Fellow soldier in Christ,
Br Collins Ouma

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