Sep 21, 2019, 9:02 PM
Collins Ouma


Praise the Lord fellow saints.I want to thank you all for your prayers and support when i was in sure need of help. My wife and my team are all well and have been delivered from the attacks they had.Glory to God.

Anyway this morning as i was moving in to the place where we usually have our morning intercession,just as i was waiting for the gates to be opened for me,it was around 3:00am.i saw a white dove not white sparkling but just a white dove flying towards me and the gate where i was standing.My first instinct reaction felt a rush of adrenaline run through me.of course it was very unusual at this hour for a lonely white dove to be flying all alone at this quiet moment.So in my reaction i startled it and flew over the gate and because the gate was high i could not see where it had flown to.It was impressed upon mythoughts that it had wanted to land but because of my first reaction i scared it off.

Fellow brethren early this week a very dear friend of mine who is a prophetic prayer warrior adviced me to be engaging and commanding mighty Angels of the Lord in our warfare prayers. I took it very very seriously because it was the seriously Holy Spirit who had inspired her that thought.So i followed her counsil

Saints have never had any encounters with Angles so i am asking could what i had experienced considered to be AN ANGELIC VISITATION FROM THE LORD TO ENCOURAGE US HE IS WITH US WATCHING US ???

Any one who have an INSIGHT ON this please share out or any one who had had SIMILAR AND ANGELIC EXPERIENCE PLEASE SHARE OUT.

God bless you all,
Fellow soldier in Christ,
Br Collins Ouma

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  1. Johnny wright

    Acts 12:7-11 brother Collin. Please read. We continue or prayers for you and your family here in Missouri USA

  2. Renee

    When you have ‘eyes to see’ you and see the angelic host.

    They’re everywhere around you. You just don’t have eyes to see yet. Keep pressing in, they are there you can see them in your minds eye before you can ‘see’ them. You should start to ‘sense’ their presence.

    I’m not saying the dove wasn’t from the Lord. I’ve never encountered this personally so I make so comment but the angelic host are around you the Lord is saying.

  3. Catherine

    Engels receive their commandments only from God, not from people. Give attention that you don‘t go into spiritism.

  4. Melinda

    The dove was a representative of The Holy Spirit brother…you are blessed…and yes you can ask The Spirit to show you Angels of different assignments ask Him how to pray for their assistance…God bless we are praying for you always….

  5. I agree with Catherine…….Angels only receive instruction from God. We are not to command Angels or pray to them. If God allows one to appear before you, then you may speak to them-after you test or try the spirit……..we have no spiritual authority over them or with them. We are not to communicate with them in Prayer. We may however, ask God for Angelic assistance, according to God’s Will only.

  6. Julie Rae

    God has sent you Confirmation and His sign of Peace. Receive and fear not brother. Nuff said !!!!

  7. Thank you, Steven. So many in the Body of Christ lost their mind and practice spiritism. We can ask God to send Engels to protect us or to help us but never command an Engel! God is still God!

  8. Scoopie

    I agree with Catherine and Steven. We don’t command angels; we ask the Lord for help and protection. He commands them.

  9. mem

    No, doubtful it was an angelic visitation. It may have been an encouraging sign though or possibly just a coincidence

  10. Br Collins

    Dear saints thank u for ur prayers and counsil.i all agree to all u have said.sis #catherine thanks very much for that eye opener and caution.i have taken all u have shared into consideration and we all here agree to all that.Anyway whether it was divine encounter or not but one thing is SURE WE HAVE NEVER FELT SO STRENGTHENED EMPOWERED AS WE ARE NOW.In fact this morning around 2am as we worship the Lord’s prescence was so heavy and mighty as we praise, worship and adore Him in tongues.This team has indeed been EDIFIED AFTER THAT ENCOUNTER.THE ZEAL AND HUNGER FOR ELOHIM THE MIGHTY HAS INCREASED TREMENDOUSLY.God bless you felliw saints in Christ.

  11. Matthew

    Greetings Brother Collins, I have had personal experience of an angelic visitation. One night after bringing some people into church quite late, I was discouraged, because the music was over and the message seemed to be a good message, but way too complicated for the children I was with. Afterwards the ten year old I was sitting next to asked me who was the man on the platform? I asked him if he meant the man giving the message? He said no – the other man! I could only see one man, the preacher who had given the message. I am certain the other man was an angel – I can’t tell you how encouraging this was!

  12. Peter

    In my experience with angels, God sends them as He sees fit. He does not send them when we want them. They have some purpose that is necessary. Either to confirm something or to let us know of some action that the Lord God is taking. God will not however (in my experience) simply send an angel because you want to see one etc. Angels serve God and so they will always have a mission to accomplish. How to see them is hard to explain. They are not seen with the normal sight. Sometimes they will come to us looking like humans and after the fact, and after they have imparted what the Lord wanted them to impart to us, we will realize we entertained an angel. God also uses them as times to show us how far we have come in our salvation or to impress upon us a work that God has done in us. Hope this helps.

  13. Mark N

    Julie Rae…I agree with you. One night sitting on my deck overlooking a lake, I whispered, “God are you displeased with me, is what I say wrong?” As soon as I finished, a lone dove cooed twice from across the lake in the dark. It was the only sound in the still of the night. It was a sign that things would be ok. The next morning as I sat on the deck in the sunshine, doves were cooing all around, across the lake and up in the fields and down the river. Both events were startling to me.

  14. Yes, I agree with sister Catherine and brother Steven.

    People have gone astray today in our churches, they pray to angels instead of praying to God

    They command and invoke them to come and fight for them.

    Angels only move on God’s commands not your command.

    There are fallen angels, so let’s be careful with the angels that you command.

    Daniel prayed to God and he sent an angel.

    The church prayed for Peter and the Lord sent an angel to rescue them.

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