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Coronavirus Quarantine in 1 to 2 weeks

Coronavirus Quarantine in 1 to 2 weeks

I got this in an email today

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Hey you guys just wanted to give you a crucial update so my cousin who works for the Pentagon my aunt that lives in DC and my friend that works for the government in Knoxville between last night and today I’ve had three people notified me that has not been announced yet but the US is about to go on a four week quarantine which means you cannot leave your home you can’t go to anywhere that you can do sales transactions like grocery store or shopping maybe weeds anything like that so in about two weeks one to two weeks they’re going to announce the shutdown once the shutdown is in place or the warning you know everything from the grocery store is gonna be cleared out at this time it’s critical that you stock up on canned goods clothes and food things that you’ll be able to survive opportunities from our four weeks for toilet tissue paper towels with bigger than their supports and bleach you got to be able to feed your family

Quarantine – 4 week – for the USA starting around April 1

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