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Coronavirus: a preparation time – Pierrick, France

Coronavirus: a preparation time

April 29, 2020 3:55 AM
Pierrick, France

March 15, 2020

My dear children, listen to the word of Him who is, for ever and ever, the beginning and the end, the Eternal your God, the holiest of all. Listen to the voice that pierces the most deaf hearts and ears. My voice that gives life and can take it back.  My children, you are afraid of the transformations that are taking place in your daily life at this time. The prayers have resumed, the petitions are becoming more intense. Those who were lukewarm tend to get warmer. Those who are cold tend to get even colder until they have a heart of ice that only the fire of my spirit could warm.

But why do you turn to Me? Because you are afraid for your daily life, for your loved ones, for your health or your work. You fear for everything that will perish sooner or later. You’re afraid of losing what belongs to this fallen world. In times of fullness I do not hear you, in times of plenty you do not take the time to separate from the material world in order to spend time with Me; you seek me only when it suits you. So be it! I am happy to see you again, but fear must not make you seek me and knock on the door. I am the resurrection, and he who believes in me will never taste death.

The world in which you live will never be the same again. It has been inexorably on the road to the destruction of the wicked for some time. This virus that paralyses your purses and floods your media is not the beginning of an announced end, and even less the end, but is part of this deluge of famine, wars, pestilences and natural disasters that go crescendo until the son of man puts an end to it by his flamboyant and sudden return.

The events that follow will each be more terrible than the previous ones, and their succession will become more and more rapid. These events did not come from Me, but my arm is now removed from the surface of the earth, almost completely. The world does not want Me in its life, so I am withdrawing, and I am withdrawing My protection from this planet. These events did not come from me, but my arm is now removed from the surface of the earth, almost completely. The world does not want me in its life, so I am withdrawing, and I am withdrawing my protection from this planet. This world that I created, this world that I love and for which I sacrificed my life, the life of my only son Jesus Christ.

My children, all this I do for your good. This plague that falls universally on this beautiful planet is a sign of my absence. It has been planned by the dark forces for many ages and can now take shape. It is coming upon all nations because the hour of judgment has begun. But fear not, my children, the time has not yet come. Come to Me, there is still time to repent of your crooked ways. See the salvation of God and His wisdom. See the salvation of your governments and their wisdom. See the salvation of your preachers and their wisdom. See the smallness of man in the face of a challenge so great in its magnitude despite the infinite smallness of its size.

What will happen when the dead are counted in tens or hundreds of millions in all lands? What will happen when the sound of boots will be as common as the sound of earthquakes? What will happen when you wish to die rather than live? What will happen when the abomination of desolation lays siege to your hearts? What will happen when you are so desperate that you will worship the beast and its image and take it as your savior? What will happen when the Son of Man comes down from the heavenly clouds, victorious, with his angelic armies to meet this earth swollen with vanity and pride?

Who will endure the day of My coming?
Prepare yourselves, for the time is near but far enough away for you to put your lives in order. Smooth your paths, make your roads straight, remove those rocks that cause you to stumble, and look with eyes full of hope and faith toward Me. Forsake all sin, become new creatures in me. Transform yourself. Oh, my children, this little sharp sting will help some to get back on the right path of life, that is to say, of the spirit, of the things that do not corrupt or rust in the hereafter. Do not be afraid, little flock, you who love me; but find joy and comfort in me. I am here, I am involved in every stage of your life.

Don’t make a quarantine of my spirit, but feast on my spirit! Get away from the virus that infects hearts and minds, the virus of ungodliness, pornography, hatred, sensuality, lies, debauchery, unbelief, pride. These are the viruses that cause the most damage to your eternal spirit. Damage that lasts beyond the tomb until it is engulfed in Christ for remission.
I love you.



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