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Corona, The Mutations – McKana

Corona, The Mutations

July 8, 2021 2:12 Pm
Luke 13:3
I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

The word of the Lord specifically for the vaccinated “Until they do, they repent not, they will go to hell”

There are countless number of messages given regarding the current pandemic, Covid-19. The warning given to stay away from the jab didn’t fall in deaf ears. Many have listened and many have stayed away for the concerns of many factors, the two being safety and the word of the Lord.

I. Data.

When we see the figure of the jabbed, it is misleading. We have been taking the number of doses administered as the number of people vaccinated. Some got one dose, some got two doses, the combined number of the total doses administered is 330 million. See the figures bellow and check it for the correctness. As of July 6, 2021:-

Out of the US population 331 million.
157 million have received double doses. (47.4%) 157X2=314 million doses, 16 Million have received one dose. (4,8%) 16? million dose Which will make the Total dose administered 330 million. 173? million Total, single plus double dose vaccinated (52.2%) AND 158? million no dose, unvaccinated. (47.7%)-(These numbers change by the day.( Some have put less numbers, check for the correctness from the sources you know.)

As of July 6, 2021
Since COVID-19 vaccine distribution began in the United States on Dec. 14, more than 330 million doses have been administered, fully vaccinating over 157 million people or 47.4% of the total U.S. population.
More than 3.25 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, equal to 42 doses for every 100 people. There is already a stark gap between vaccination programs in different countries, with some yet to report a single dose.

II. Corona the mutant.

In our last messages, we went into some details of how mutation occurs and the follow up of the mutants strain. There are few well known mutants/Variants of corona the pandemic, the UK the South African, the Brazilian and the Indian mutants. These are the very few known mutants. Since these wild type virus and the mutant strains change fast, out of many, few can come to be more infectious, spreads fast and more deadly, one of the being the Delta variant which is now prevalent in all the states.

Mutations are occurring fast, also includes the mutation of the mutant strains. If the Delta variant overtakes the other wild type and the variants, it can mutate further and cause more problem for the vaccines including the vaccinated. If one vaccinated person gets infected with one of the Delta variant, the breach can cause more bigger unexpected surges.

With the high number of the 186,004,716 global cases and 11,786,752 active cases, how many mutation are possible? What is known is the piece of the iceberg. More mutants with deadly outcomes which can develop the capacity to elute the current vax are highly possible. The single dose have became double dose and there are few countries considering the third dose.

In these days, the third world specially the Latino population is getting a hard hit from this pandemic. The danger is, when the world thinks everything is over and well, there will come another bigger third and fourth round of the spike globally. The world is traveling, the borders are man made and the problems more compound.

II. How do mutations work?

One example. This is the UK representative data of two months collected from Let the data speaks for itself. Whether all or part of the cases are new variants or not is another story but the trend is of many variant strains.

# Date Daily cases Daily deaths
1 05/09/21 +1,770 2
2 05/31/21 +3,383 1
3 06/01/21 +3,165 0
4 06/04/21 +6,238 11
5 06/21/21 +10,633 5
6 06/26/21 +18,270 23
7 06/28/21 +22,868 3
8 06/30/21 +26,068 26
9 07/06/21 +28,773 37
10 07/07/21 +32,548 33
11 07/08/21 +32,551 35

Almost in two months from +1, 770 a jamp to 32,548 is very alarming. This is a similar figure during the second serge. In spite of the vax, the number is big and the death is increasing not decreasing.

In today’s news, see what the people of the Bible Belt have reacted. Regardless of the pain they endured, the faithful have done a job worth praising.
Five undervaccinated clusters put the entire United States at risk

The Message:

1. Even though corona acts more than a person with brain, it is still a virus. There are countless number of mutations among the global population, not yet discovered. More deadly mutants can surface and there will be more mutations of the mutants, the Delta of the Delta and etc. Corona can’t say, “I have gone through one mutation, not more.” If the mutants are found in the wilderness, it is still a wild tipe. Mutation is a way of keeping alive, infecting more.

2. More deadly mutants surface, will be an invitation for the jab. Reader beware. If the devil comes up with Big bang, evolution, communism, climate change and corona, as it is clearly manifested, all human will go “by the chip” ie the Mark on progress and the possibilities are scriptural. All will take the mark except those whose name is written in the Lamb Book of Life, ALL. The beginning, the door to the “Mark’ is the jab.

3. At this rate, “Over” with Corona is a deception. A deception in the grand scale of pushing the jab for the end.

4. Without repentance, all will perish. The jabbed and the unjabbed have to Repent, true repentance. Even with repentance, the jabbed have to face the consequences, carnal but mercy is in the hands of the Lord.

5. The data above tells everything. What is the possibility of “Globally Over?” If it is not completely wiped out from the surface of the Earth, not by the makings of man but by the mercy of Almighty God, it is all over again, just a matter of time.

6. Basic hygiene, PPE and common sense works.

7. Since this is approved for emergency reasons and with incomplete clinician trains, no authority can force the vax on the people.

8. It is worth reminding the world that corona is fear, the deadly one is yet to come soon.

9. Above all TRUST THE LORD with every aspect of your life and forever.

All have their Agenda. Our Agenda and Goal is one:-

Repent! Repent! Repent!


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