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June 5, 2024 1:00 PM
Some of these dreams from April- May 2024. I was only seeing and hearing bits and pieces but when my 10-year-old son got dreams many of the same nights he was seeing them more clearly and in more detail. I’m also including older dreams because I believe I should share them in this section as well.

(Dream April 20,2024)
In this dream I was shown many different images concerning the future. I heard a voice say something along the lines of everything you think is going to happen will happen. Before I fell asleep something came up in my YouTube feed. They show us the trailers for new video games. I am not a video game player but it never fails to amaze me how accurately video games portray reality, actual fallen creatures, and the future. This game called ASTROPULSE: Reincarnation popped up and my spirit said watch that. The mutated zombie man had eyes similar to creatures I’ve seen in other dreams that I was rebuking in Jesus’ name. In another one of my dreams I saw a hybrid that looked human but with complete black eyes. The other hybrid with it, its iris’s of the eye were glowing a celestial blue color but it had traces of a living moving blackness or darkness in the white part of its eye. Remind you the voice said everything you think is going to happen will happen and I was thinking of how accurately ASTROPULSE was showing us our future.( The developers describe the backstory of Astropulse as such: “Astropulse is an epic science fiction saga spanning billions of years, tracing the impact of a mysterious cosmic energy, known as Astropulse, that arrived on Earth via meteorite 250 million years ago. This force drastically altered Earth’s biological evolution, eventually triggering a global catastrophe that reshaped human civilization. Amidst this fractured world, new species and civilizations emerge, embroiled in a complex struggle for survival against eldritch entities. In this post-apocalyptic landscape, a young man and his loyal companions embark on a quest to defy their seemingly inescapable tragic destiny.”) WATCH THE TRAILER YOU WILL SEE MANIPULATION OF HUMAN DNA and people turning savage like zombie creatures and hybrids being created.

In this dream my 10-year-old son was asking me a question about THE RAPTURE. I was seated at a table and he was seated in a chair behind me with no table in front of him. We both were sitting down. I see two heavy set women walking up. One appeared to be Caucasian and the other Black (ethnicity wise). The two women walk up beside us saying I wish you would stop talking about that (The Rapture), it’s not going to happen. The two women took a seat in front of me at the table. As I look at them, I say Hybrids. The white heavy-set women in front of me had complete solid black eyes. Like the black-eyed kids but she was an adult. The black heavy set woman irises were glowing a celestial blue color. Her sclera appeared to be black to but hers changed unlike the other that was with her. Hers changed, like the blackness in her eyes was alive moving, when it moved you could see bits of white in her sclera. The black woman’s eyes remind me so much of THE NUN (the movie) her eyes were like that. Then the black woman started to shapeshift and morph and she looked like a living rock demon. She reminded me so much of the Moai Statues on Easter Island. She looked very similar with the protruding chin but she looked like one of those statues that was living. I started saying I command you to leave in Jesus’ name to them. I kept repeating Jesus’ name like in so many of my dreams. As I am commanding them to depart from me, I hear a choir of angels singing what I am saying. They were singing I command you to leave in Jesus’ name, it was so beautiful their voices in unity. The hybrids in front of me got up and left. The end of that dream. (As I studied the Moai statues I found out people believe those statues were the actual embodiment of children who descended from the stars, their Gods, and they used the statues to communicate with their Gods. It’s a lot of mystery to those statues and Easter Island, you will find different opinions but hybrids are mentioned with them, hybrids being half bird- half man.)

(Dream June 11,2022) HYBRIDS
In this dream I didn’t see anything but heard everything. I was told. The people who took that medicine will turn into HYBRIDS. I was told that repeatedly. That medicine the voice was referring to was the Covid Vaccine.

(Dream late 2023 maybe October) HYBRID BABY
In this dream a very good looking African American man I know was in a hospital room. I could see the woman he was dealing with just had his baby. She looked of Hispanic origin; she appeared a normal human woman. He was holding his baby that was just born. The baby looked like a mix between a pig, dog, and a human baby. The baby had a pig snout, fur that was possibly an inch long. It was not a normal new born. In the dream he kept saying how beautiful this baby was. In the dream, I don’t believe he could see me. I was thinking this baby is hideous, have you gone mad. I was thinking this baby is a creature. After the dream I reached out to him told him what I dreamed and that he needs to be careful because he is very promiscuous. He is a womanizer. I tried to at least warn him but he is a person that believe the Anunnaki are our ancestors and he love ancient Egypt despite his father being a pastor who passed away.

(Dream March 2023) Beguiled by a Nurse- Human Animal Hybrid
In this dream I was at a plastic surgeon clinic preparing to get a tummy tuck. The nurse kept offering me an injection for inflammation even though I didn’t have surgery yet. Something was very demonic about the nurse. In this dream she injected me before I could even make a decision. She injected me against my will. Then a screen appeared to my side. I had a feeling of fear and dread. I saw the name of the medicine she injected me with which wasn’t the covid vaccine but it was some form of DNA altering medication. On the screen Human-Animal came up and I heard Vicki Goforth Parnell reading to me what was on the screen (I have heard her in 2 dreams already and seen her in a third dream recently). I knew the medicine was going to turn me into a human animal hybrid. I just didn’t know when. Then I woke up out the dream. I encourage you to pray when you go to the doctor. Pray against any DNA altering medicine. I could see deception in the nurse, she wasn’t telling me what the medication really was. God is a miracle worker.

(Dream April 22,2024) MORPHING, CHANGING
In this dream I was fully cognizant. I could not see anything but heard everything. I was hearing a woman screaming in agony. Like the super heroes in the movies that change but its agonizing. In the dream I was hearing morphing, changing. This woman was suffering from whatever transformation she was undergoing. I woke up thinking Lord are people changing now.

(Dream April 24,2024) HYBRIDS
I can’t fully remember what I saw and was told. I remember seeing hybrids or hearing hybrids. Something about human animal hybrids.

(Dream 2022 or 2023) HYBRID
I had a dream I was looking at my baby and something was saying the milk or medicine was going to turn my youngest baby into a hybrid.

I saw my baby that I was told the milk or medicine will turn him into a hybrid. I saw him as a hybrid. I saw reptilian dark eyes that were black but they had slits. I saw spider legs coming from his head but he was humanoid. (I know my baby is human but I believe God show us stuff so we can pray against it. Even if it is something we don’t want to see or hear. Our dreams are for warnings also so take heed and pray. Then recently I dreamed that same baby had power in Jesus’ name and he was holding a ball of light between his hands. Someone which I believe was the Lord said, even a baby has power in my name.)

(I hope these dreams are confirmation and or encouragement. I know I’m not in order and the dreams are still coming. I got to send in the recent dreams. Hybrid people are a very real threat. Even the medical advancements of doctors putting animal parts in people. If an injection can change you, I believe a pig heart or kidney can to. I had a dream a few years back all I heard was BELIAL BEGUILES repeatedly. Satan deceives. He is a master at deception and making the sinful, unholy, profane seem good, useful, appealing. He distorts truth and justifies iniquity. Be careful out here with these medications. Stay in prayer, prayer mixed with unwavering faith changes things, even poisonous things in your body.)

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