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Contamination – Dana R.


Nov 23, 2019, 4:35 PM
Dana R.

On 6/10/2019 I heard the Holy Spirit say “CONTAMINATION”.

On 10/25/2019 I had a dream where someone with a cut finger asked me if she should go to the hospital. I said “No, but you need to put some antibiotic ointment on it so you don’t get an infection.” We seemed to be standing in a mall converted into housing. Suddenly I saw someone I knew named Pam. I asked Pam if she had any antibiotic ointment. She said she thought she did but she didn’t have time to retrieve it because she was going on a date.

Then I realized that there was a Dollar store in the mall so I decided to go there for ointment. Most of the shelves were empty but the first aid section did have a tube of ointment. I turned it over to read the ingredients and the word antibiotic was misspelled. I left the store without it because I didn’t trust the integrity of the product. End of dream.

As I began meditating on this dream and its meaning, I realized that it had many layers. I believe that Pam represents the Laodicean church, who is more concerned with fleshly pursuits i.e. her date than doing the will of the Lord namely helping someone with an injury. The Dollar store, with almost empty shelves, represents the value of the dollar bill becoming worthless. To date, I believe the dollar is worth around 3 or 4 cents. The almost empty store shelves represent what stores may look like in the future due to scarcity of product.

On 10/29/19 I heard the Holy Spirit say “NOW. LEAD. CHINA. LEAD FOUND IN CAPSULES FROM CHINA. NOW BRAND.”

At the time I received this message, I was currently taking 3 different supplements made by this company. So I called the company and inquired from where they sourced their product. One of the supplements was sourced from Ghana, Africa but processed in different international locations. One of those locations was China! What was interesting about this is that I have always been very careful to check out companies prior to purchase and this one in particular had a US address on the back of the container with no mention that it was sourced in Ghana and processed in China. I immediately threw out all my Now brand products.

On 11/21/2019 I received confirmation for all 3 messages from the Lord. An article called “Dollar Tree Warned by FDA for Selling Unsafe, Untested Drugs” appeared on www.mercola.com. Below is an interesting excerpt from the article:

Popular discount store Dollar Tree was issued a warning letter from The US Food and Drug Administration for selling potentially unsafe over-the-counter medications produced by foreign manufacturers. The letter, dated November 6, listed several Chinese suppliers that helped manufacture Assured brand drugs and other products for the store chain between 2016 and 2019. The manufacturers identified failed to test products and in one specific case, also failed to clean up rat feces littered throughout the facility.

Randy Guiler, vice president of investor relations at Dollar Tree, said in a company statement, “Each of the items referenced in the report are topical, and not ingestible, products. As always, we are cooperating with the US Food and Drug Administration. We plan to meet with the FDA in the near future and expect that our plans will satisfy their requirements in all regards.”

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