Confirmation of the Fiery Kick-off Event – Ken F

A Dream from Brother Ken F.: Confirmation of the Fiery Kick-off Event

Holy Spirit Wind


Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to share this dream by brother Ken F. to once again confirm what I received from Him in October of 2017. That whole message can be found here.

This is an exact email that I received on July 26th 2019

Hi Jeff,

I have never heard the term Fiery Kick-Off Event until about maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.

So I want to tell you that around June 14 2019 I had a Dream:

I was looking towards what appeared to be the downtown of a city at night, as there were clearly high-rise buildings and all the lights that go along with them.  I perceived that there was definitely water between me and the downtown.  The body of water seemed to go right up close to the edge of the high-rise buildings.  It seemed that the downtown could have perhaps been 2 – 10 miles away from me, but that is very hard to guess!  I could see some things extending into the water from the left and the right, which looked like some kind of land or something.  Perhaps it was just the shore lines of whatever was on the left and right, but I don’t personally think that is what mattered so much….but I will continue…

As I looked towards the downtown, I saw that between the high-rise buildings & the edge of the water, something amazing happened that I have never seen anything like before in videos or anywhere.  The Earth Heaved Upwards!…. almost like a small mountain was forming instantaneously.  The earth heaved up to a small peak.  It went up high, but didn’t get any higher than the buildings!  As this earth rose upwards, it glowed yellow & red Hot!  Then the whole thing fell back down or collapsed upon itself.  It wasn’t super bright, but a distinct and clear vivid glowing of yellow and red, almost like a kind of magma or lava-like surface texture/appearance.  It almost looked like some kind of explosive or volcanic-like event exploded under the ground, but what kind of bomb or volcano would make the earth surface glow red and yellow so instantly?  Also, it wasn’t completely explosive, because the occurrence also imploded, or fell back upon itself!  I could Not see that any of the tall buildings were affected by this occurrence.  Also I did Not see any flash or glow or impact from perhaps a missile that would indicate that something was dropped in or flew in.  I am not sure what someone would see at night even if this was the case of something flying in.  My thought was that whatever was going on, originated from below the ground!….but I don’t know!

I don’t know the significance of some details, but I will try and relay the dream as I saw it.  Immediately after I saw this explosive event collapse back upon itself, to my left I looked and I saw my mom for some reason.  It seemed at this point like I was looking through a house window towards her, I called out to her as she was walking up a sidewalk towards me in what appeared to be a residential house setting.  I think I might have even yelled at her and pointed towards the downtown.  I don’t know if she could hear me, or if the window was open, but anyhow, immediately after the explosive-like event Collapsed upon itself, she turned and looked in that direction.  So she wouldn’t have seen it directly.  I am unsure if she heard something, or saw a light or something, because I didn’t hear anything in the dream from my viewpoint, which at that moment seemed to be inside of a house looking out the window……  but then again, it takes time for sound to arrive at you, so if you see something take place very far away, it can take some time before you hear the sound, kind of like lightening or other distant visual events that might have loud sounds associated.  So my guess is that she just saw some kind of light that made her turn and look, but I have no idea!

Anyways, as soon as mom turned and looked towards the direction of the downtown, I also looked back there & there was an astoundingly bright flash!  It seemed many times brighter than the sun!  No Comparison!  So bright in fact that I could see nothing at all anywhere except glowing white light!  I could Not see anything around me, I could Not see the downtown, all I saw was complete White!

I saw nothing else after the flash.  The dream ended in pure white bright light!  I remember thinking that I wanted to get a hold of my brother, but I thought it was now going to be impossible because of whatever just happened, I feared that communications might be down or something!

Ok so that’s it…..

I don’t live in New York, and I have never been there.  I live up in Canada.

I wrote the dream down within a few days after having the dream.  But I didn’t have any idea what to make of it!

A few weeks later (Earlier July 2019), I thought I would go and check out Linda Courtney’s Youtube channel to see what she had posted lately.  I felt God had confirmed Linda Courtney to me as one who is receiving legitimate words from God the night after I watched her video about the 3 days of darkness.  She made mention of a “Cosmic Display” in that video, and I believe God Showed me the Cosmic Display in a dream that very night!  Also Many years ago I had a dream about Darkness & Other things, but I will leave that for now.  God gives me very visual Dreams/Visions, but I rarely get words like Yourself & Linda!  I have since done my best to draw a picture of this Cosmic Display Event!  But that is a whole other subject…. Anyhow, the video I clicked on of Linda’s in Earlier July was Titled:

“God Has Just Revealed MORE VITAL information”


Within the first 1 or 2 Minutes of watching this video of Linda’s, she was recommending the following Youtube Video:



I don’t recall or realize if the Spirit had pricked me that day to go and check out Linda’s Channel for new posts, but anyhow, I was taken back by the title of the Youtube video he recommended, as I had a hunch it may have something to do with the dream I had that I just described to you above!…But anyhow The Date in the video also took me by surprise, June 16, 2019, as I estimated that my dream occurred perhaps very close to June 14, 2019.

I got chills when I listened to that Word Reading by Lisa from Sister Kim, because here were some of the Key Phrases that were mentioned:

  • Overwhelmingly unforeseen catastrophe
  • A Fiery Event
  • A Form of Nuclear Weapon from Advanced Technology
  • As 911 was a staged False-Flag of Mass destruction, so shall this staged fiery false flag be the same, and again blamed on another, the target is New York City to take down her operations.
  • It will be power-off, and lights out

At some point after this I began to look up night-time photos of New York City Downtown.  I realized that Manhattan Island as it is called, is the popular downtown of New York, and that is where the World Trade Center Towers were.  Manhattan Island also has High-Rises on the edge of the Body of Water as I remember in my dream!….Though I could Not accurately describe the buildings in my dream, or precisely recognize them.  I found a few photos online that seemed very similar to the Downtown Scene I saw in my dream, but I was given no clear indication in my dream of what city I just saw this explosive event in.  I can tell you, what I saw could certainly be described as a “Fiery” Event, because few other words would be adequate to describe the uniqueness of what actually happened there in my dream!

Attached Photos:

New York 1 seems to most accurately depict the vantage point I was looking from at the downtown of a city when I saw this event take place in the dream.

Manhattan skyline seen from Brooklyn at night, color toned picture, New York City, USA.

New York 2 and New York 3 most accurately depict the Night-Time lighting level and Ambiance of the city I saw in my dream.

New York 4 most closely depicts the distance I feel I was away from the downtown when I saw this event take place…..However, my vantage point I would say was higher up in the air, perhaps level with the tops of the high-rise buildings.

Anyhow Jeff, the phrase “Fiery Kick-Off Event” is how I came across your ministry that God has given you on the HolySpiritWind – Jeff Byerly Channel.

Thanks for your Words!

Your Bro,


Here is the particular part of the past message given to me in October of 2017 that Ken F.’s dream pertains to. Please take it before the Lord for more understanding and confirmation.

“The “False Flag” event will also involve fire, but not the kind that you expect. Once again (as on 9-11) this will come from advanced weapons of “alien technology” that most of you do not even know exists. It will be made to look like one of the “Fall Guys” has caused the destruction, but it will actually come from the enemy within. The other “Fall Guy” will in turn retaliate and thus it shall begin. America entered the Second World War on a “False Flag” attack (Pearl Harbor) and she will enter into the Third World War in much the same fashion.  She will now find though that I AM no longer fights for her. America shall suffer humiliating and devastating defeat because she no longer follows Me.”

I believe that what Holy Spirit has revealed through Ken F.’s dream is that the Kick-off event will look like a nuclear bomb hit Manhattan but it won’t be…just yet anyways. Eventually all of New York City will be completely leveled to the ground…BUT NOT AT FIRST. Judgment upon NYC and America will get progressively worse to allow for repentance of a nation that has turned completely against her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Yahshua ha Mashiach.

Pray for mercy during the judgment and pray for souls to cry out to Yahshua even in the last seconds of of their earthly lives.

Blessings. Love and Peace to you all!

Jeff Byerly

Original article can be found here


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