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May 4, 2016

Last Friday, going on Saturday, I had this dream:

I was watching TV, the news, and reporters were reporting about a”rock” that was entering our astmosphere (they looked worried). Then suddenly, I am no longer watching TV, I see myself outside, and see that huge rock with fire enter the sky and fly above my head! I froze, observing; brother. I felt its force, oh God!, it was tremendous, and I heard its noise, as if burning. Then I saw myself again watching TV and heard the reporters say: “Oh, it’s coming, it’s coming! Oh No! The rock has made impact!” They put their hands up to their heads, as if not able to believe what had just happened. I saw on TV where the rock fell, but I don’t know on what city or country. Everything was in ruins, gray, and lots of smoke. At the moment, the image on the TV vanished. There I stood, surprised that the Lord had shown me again. My son dreamed of those stars that fell, that angels were picking up people, remember? (See Jessika’s son testimony republished below)
And to my surprise, as further confirmation of what is coming, my husband, when he woke up in the morning, told me: “I dreamed something awful, I was on an island, do not know where, I was together with our son, and then comes a big wave, and I take my boy and hug him as protecting him, and I start to pray, and feel the tremendous force of the wave passing by us , but it did not affect us at all. Then I see that other people also escaped, but they began to celebrate, as if nothing had happened. And I tell them:”Look, climb to the top, anotherwave will come” They ignored me. Then, I started to climb with my little boy, up a mountain. We climbed to the top, and another wave came and washed away all the people who ignored the warning. It was really hard to see that, it felt so real… End of the dream.

Brother, my husband and I dreamed, on the same night, similar things that the Lord has been showing us. It imoved me very much, really. And today, when I was driving from work, I thought to share these dreams, and to my mind came this: “Wow! how our Jesus is alerting us, so there are no excuses that nobody knew. Even the stones cry out, and He still advocates before The Father, for our sake.” That came to my mind.

Brother, I would like to share this dream that my son had this Friday night, going on Saturday, February 27, 2016. My son comes down the stairs after waking up and with a surprised voice calls me and tells me, ‘MOM! MOM! Do you know what I have just dreamed”?
“What was it?” I asked as I prepared my coffee in the kitchen.

Words from my son: ‘ I dreamed that we were even here in Texas (and I even saw myself in my favorite pajamas) and all was shaking. I could see how the earth was splitting! I was out looking for you.” (My son here is refering to me, my husband and daughters) “I suddenly felt a force pushed me from behind, but without hurting me, toward a Jeep where there were two men, and I say:”Wait, don’t go yet, because we have to go back for my family,”and one of the men responded,”No, we cannot’. ” Still in my heart, I felt that my family was going to be safe. One of the men began to drive to try and save me, as the ground trembled very much, and many people ran desperate screaming. It was horrible to see people that way. At the moment, the driver who drove the jeep stopped, because he could not drive any more. It was too much how the earth trembled. I turned and looked outside to see the sky. It was completely black! Then I turned around to see the driver and the another man who was sitting next to him. They were gone! It was less than a few seconds, and already I could not see them anymore… When I got out of the jeep, it struck me that the sky was so dark, and then what looked like sparkling stars started to fall down to the esrth. They were so many! But when they were about to fall, I realized that they were not stars. They were angels! “An angel, flying with his arms extended, with his head down and his feet in the air (as they were flying and were glowing) came and said to me:”Edwin are you ready to come to heaven?”and I said”Yes”, He took me up, and I could see that these stars that were not, were angels carrying up a lot of people!”
End of the dream…

Brother, I previously have shared on this facebook page dreams that my son has had. It is worth mentioning that my son had not seen any movie about the Rapture etc. (as people tend to think that this dream was only the product of the mind of the child). But I know that the Lord is sending dreams and visions to both the elderly and to young people and children! The day and hour, no one knows, but we must pay attention. When the leaves on the trees are falling, it’s because autumn comes, and when they begin to bloom, it is because spring is near. May God bless you and Let’s pray without ceasing.
First of all, I thank God for the dream that He showed my husband yesterday. My husband is a soldier and not here with me; he never dreams about anything and is a bit incredulous when it comes to prophecies etc. Last night he called me (he is in another country, when here is dawning it is night time there) and tells me very thoughtfully:
“You will not believe what I dreamed: for some reason we were in Puerto Rico (we do not we live in PR nor do we plan to go there) and we were in a rush closing the windows, and I (stillmy husband speaking ) was confident that we would be fine, though still taking precaution. And suddenly, I look outside and see a huge wave, immense, coming towards PR. The wave was beautiful. It had a beautiful color, and it passed by us and nothing happened to us. I decided to peek outside and there was much destruction, and nothing happened to a few houses . Then I see people coming outside, celebrating that nothing had happened to them, and I yell at them with all my strength and despair to continue to stay under cover, because the wave would be back. . And they ignored me. In that moment, the wave returned and swept all who were not sheltered. Nothing happened to us. I woke up and suddenly felt the dream was reality, and I was not dreaming , it felt too real. ”
Brethren, years ago the Lord showed me a giant wave that passed through Key West in Florida; I previously shared my experience here. At that time, my husband half-believed. And I asked the Lord to show him too, a year or so, ago. I Give the Glory and Honor to my God for having done so. The Lord continues to speak and confirm. Hallelujah !!


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