Coming Earthquake to NA Northwest/Future Persecution/Declaring Over A Tornado – Sharlene Reimer

Coming Earthquake to NA Northwest/Future Persecution/Declaring Over A Tornado

Vision #258 Dec 1/20 Tues am

December 2, 2020 11:32 AM
Sharlene Reimer

I was spending a lot of time in worship this morning declaring and singing scripture. I sang a mix of songs from my young adult days. I began to pray and when I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went up my mtn, met my eagle and flew off. I found myself looking down at something swirling. I thought it was a whirlpool from a lake. But my perspective changed and I was standing on the ground looking at a large side-winder type tornado. It was whitish-blue. There was a woman standing nearby on a road, watching in horror. In the background were open fields like farming land. In the distance to my left, close to the tornado’s path, was a white farmhouse. I was trying to encourage the woman, who I understood had jumped out of her vehicle to watch. I asked Jesus what to do. He said to declare over the tornado. So I declared protection over the house and spoke to the storm. As I stood next to her, we watched the tornado engulf her home but left it unscathed! Glory to God! Wow! I am unsure if she heard me but I blessed her before I left.

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus about the tornado incident. He mentioned that the storm hits in the USA somewhere in a northern state not far from the province I live but He didn’t say which one. Jesus also said that she receives a divine encounter with Him. PTL! Jesus directed me to seek the Council of God room. So I went down the stairs, greeted my group but instead of walking over to the vision area just beyond the right of the stairs, I began to walk past it.

As I was walking I felt I was being pushed down and found myself on my hands and knees on the temple floor. This occurred several times as each time I tried to get up, I was pushed down. I looked up and realized I was no longer seeing the temple but rather an open vision of myself. I was being dragged by 2 police/security type officers; one on either side of me. My perspective change and I saw myself being put into a jail cell. Then I was me behind the jail door, looking at the security officers.

I was perplexed and somewhat upset and I have been processing this vision. God told me that it happens in the future and He said: “Daughter, you will have to suffer for My sake. But I will deliver you. You must trust Me.” Later in the day, after a couple of questions, He said: “Time to take a stand. I do not take pleasure in those who shrink back.” (I immediately thought of Heb 10:38.) But God is Jehovah Jireh He will provide. I will continue to process what this all entails. I know there is more to understand. I have more questions to ask. And I’m not quite understanding what His idea of “deliver you” means. But one message to me is clear- we must not fear what is to come. Trust the Lord completely. He will give us that perfect peace when that time comes.

I went back to the vision area later in the day. It opened up to see a giant evergreen tree standing with mountains in the back ground. There was a valley close by with water; possibly a lake or a river. Suddenly the ground began to shake violently and the giant tree fell over and crashed onto the ground. I saw the ground crack open and heave. The splitting and heaving of the land continued like dominoes. I understood it was moving north. I understood that the tall evergreen tree is the giant sequoia. I have seen this earthquake in previous visions (#16,#25, #34, #72, #175).

I asked Jesus when this earthquake is to happen? He replied: “After Trump’s next 4 year term. Smaller earthquakes will continue to warn the people but the big one will hit after his term has been completed. My mercy for the nation will continue during his next 4 year term. Repent and return to Me!”

I also understood that some things will be overturned under Trump’s administration. Jesus gave me a nod of yes with regards to Roe vs Wade. But we must continue to intercede in prayer.

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