“Comeuppance: Lordship Salvationists” – Sister Barb (278pikelk)

By Sister Barb (278pikelk)
Published on Jun 27, 2018

“Comeuppance: Lordship Salvationists”

My Children, I will not allow My body to do damage to itself, so be careful to whom you lend an ear. Satan seeks out and uses prideful men, even some of My children to spread his lies and discord among My sheep. He comes against whom he may, and there are many arrogant and pride-filled men that are easy targets. Not only do they believe his lies, but they spread them, causing My children to doubt and lose hope. Be careful not to be one of these.

Humble yourselves, My Loves, and seek Me in prayer. Discover Me through My Word and rely only on My Holy Spirit. Be diligent in seeking answers for yourselves, as many have been set forth to deceive you. Pray, My Loves, over everything you read, and everything you hear, as many have ulterior motives and seek your destruction. They allow their pride to be used to share and to teach a gray and mottled gospel, straying from My black-and-white Truth. My Gospel is not complex. It is very simple. Yet they add to it, their man-made conditions, which would make it impossible for any man to achieve. If a man could earn My eternal salvation, not one man would enter it. My Presence and My Kingdom require one’s most complete holiness. This holiness is not achieved by one’s works, but only by the complete acceptance of My finished work on the cross.

Many share a false gospel, and in doing so lead many astray, for this false gospel annuls My perfect sacrifice. No man that has walked the face of the earth can redeem himself. He can only be redeemed by Me. Receiving salvation comes as a promise that is eternal and cannot be broken. When you receive Me, you are sealed and become one of My own. If a man preaches any other gospel, he is missing My mark. For holiness is not achieved by what a man can do, it is only achieved by what I have already done. It is so important that My Children know this within their hearts, because if they believe another way, they are being deceived.

You must understand the difference between salvation and sanctification, My Loves. For sanctification will never take place in a heart that has not truly received salvation, and salvation is never received due to one’s sanctification, because without true salvation, there is no sanctification. This is the biggest threat to My Children in this time, as there are many charged by the enemy to teach this false and lying gospel.

You were born into sinful bodies, My Children, and I am the only narrow gate that you must pass through. So few can see this truth and they continue in the lie that teaches they can somehow add to Me. My sacrifice on the cross was once and for all who will receive Me – attempting to add to this is futile.

My good fruit is only produced by those who have been broken, those who have been humbled and rely wholly on My Holy Spirit to work within and through them. A man cannot walk away from sin on his own, but must be transformed by My life-giving Holy Spirit. Only then does their fruit become acceptable and pure. Hearts filled with pride will fail to receive this message, for unless they themselves feel they’re adding to My finished work, there is nothing feeding into their pride and into this deception that is actually crippling them. They will have no ammunition with which to attack their brethren, and no other way to keep the lost in bondage. I am the only one that can judge the hearts of men, yet they make themselves judges. Steer clear of these, My Loves, for they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they want nothing more than to make you feel as though you are failing.

Rejoice, those of you, who are humble and have received My truth. Do not allow them keep you bound by the false doctrines of men. Be sanctified by My Holy Spirit alone. Humble yourselves and watch what I do in and through you. Come out from under their lies and walk in complete freedom that only I can provide you.

I love you, My Children.
Your only Savior,
Yeshua Ha’mashiach

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