COME TO ME NOW – Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

December 31, 2018

Why are you confused? Who are you listening to? Where is your trust? Where is your faith? Where is your joy? I AM not confusion. Stop what you are doing now. Read my WORD. Listen to my WORD. I want you to have joy and peace.MY PEACE, In these times of trouble and danger. I am always beside you. In your darkest days. I am your LIGHT , Your COMFORTER. I am pouring out a double portion of LOVE on you today, so tomorrow you will rejoice and be glad you have made it through these trials and tribulations . Your accuser will be silenced. Soon you will be with me , no more tears and no memory of the suffering. Call on me me now and receive your BLESSING . I LOVE each one of you. You are more precious then gold. COME TO ME NOW .

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  1. Александр

    You are the best, my love, my God, my Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords. Thank you, Barbara

  2. Itani

    Oh thank you Lord for the word of encouragement, I was so confused and feeling so anxious these past 2 days . And feeling

  3. Missy Noll


  4. Sara

    Sometimes u hv to ask God for discernment. Remember the devil knows the bible better than we do. He is the great manipulator and a great mimic. Bring all prophecies u see or hear to the Lord for confirmation.

  5. Donna Daniels

    Barbara, I’m sorry. I got a call that they were watching and I had a social media they were suspicious about. We enjoyed your postings. I was frozen out until I blocked you. I don’t know how to unblock you. I would like you to continue sharing.

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