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COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE – Lori Lawhun Keiser


February 6, 2022
Lori Lawhun Keiser
Look at the word the Lord gave me last night. I know it was the Rauch Hakodesh bc it would not leave me alone till I got up (at 2am) & wrote it down. Also, once I started writing the words were flowing faster than I could write. That's what happens when He gives me a song.

I heard this word from the Rauch Hakodesh tonight:

Come out of her my people (the westernized laodecian church). I have called you to higher ground. I have not given you a spirit of fear. Rise & be holy. Rise & put on my armor & fight the evil that is infiltrating & slithering like a snake into your churches & homes. I have already defeated the enemy. He is a defeated foe. I have given you power & authority over him. Do not fear. Be brave my children. If you go down, go down standing up. Time is running out. Repent my children. I have been patient with you oh Israel & America but you are not doing what I have called you to do. My patience is quickly coming to an end. Like the sands in an hourglass, there is but a few grains left. Repent. Don’t ever think I don’t see your iniquities or turn a blind eye to them. I am waiting for you to Repent & turn to me. Repent. Time is running out. I am pouring out my spirit on you & give you dreams & visions for we are in the end days. Receive these dreams & visions. They are from me. I will pour out my oil from my presses on those who Repent & trust in me. This will make it impossible for the enemy to grab you & hold onto you. What you thought was impossible & said in your hearts & minds “that will/can never happen” I will show you it can. You will see the impossible happen in 2022. I am a God of love for I am love. But I am also a God of war & justice & I am a promise keeper. Be ye watchmen on the wall & warn others. For I am coming very soon.

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