Come Out! – Cheryl

Come Out! – Cheryl

Come out from among them My people!

Be not deceived any longer – remove yourself from this land! For this land is detestable in My sight and My indignation burns against it to destroy it!

This place you hold so dear, so close to your heart is your snare and holds a noose around your neck. Yet no one holds you to remain for you can walk out and away at any time you choose to do so.

I do not dwell in this place, with you. You must come out and then I will abode with You. Be deceived no longer – leave the calling of your flesh in living to its satisfaction. Realize you have been a prisoner to your flesh and I have given you release from this tyranny. For is not the death that I took upon Myself, what has granted all release from the bonds of sin, My own blood to forgive you of the curse that lies with sin? Do not think that the work I have done as some magical wand for you – so you may continue to partake in this sinful domain! This is a great and grave error and a doctrine of demons that many sit under as they continue to fill up their flesh with many sins. I came to all who would find life in Me – who would believe Me in what I have done and to those would walk in faith in Me. No one can walk in the world, to freely partake in it and adopt its traditions philosophy and wicked ways, shows faith in Me, who I am and come to do. For I have broken the power of sin and death over all who take Me as their own for they will live no longer to follow after lusts but will subject themselves to Me! Seek no longer after pleasure, seek no longer to be entertained or gratified. For this is a sign you still live in according to your dead flesh. But I say, come out and live according to My Spirit where I will give you all My good pleasure which compares not with anything this world offers. Throw down that body of flesh and lift your eyes upon Me. For the land that is rooted in this world is full of danger and takes many down who once believed. They foolishly thought they could live righteously while they partook also in the world to enjoy its delicacies. Oh be not foolish like them – any longer! Come out of her My People! Come out of this den where demons and every foul spirit and the unclean dwell – be not deceived for as you continue you too will also share in her sins to receive her due.

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