Come Now To Me – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Come Now To Me

Mmay 31, 2024 10:21 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

5/31/2024 10:45AM

“Now pick up the pen and begin to write. Write for Me, My beloved daughter, beautiful in My sight. Unloved by the world. Unwanted and a nuisance to many in My Own fold. They do not see you as I see you. Few have eyes that truly see. Ah, but My Love! My Love has the eyes of both eagle and dove. Sharp and clear, yet beautiful and soulful. Soul full of Me, her Lover and Comforter—her EVERYTHING. ‘Everything! Everything!’, she sings to Me over and over. ‘You are my All in all’, is the motto of her heart. Thus it is beautiful in My sight.
I accept.
I accept where they reject.
I open where they have closed.
I welcome where they shut the door.
Oh, My Love, My Love, My beautiful one, innocent and pure in My sight, it is I, your Love. Your KING sings over you. I shout and sing. Come now to Me, forever and ever. Come now to Me.”


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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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