Come, I will cleanse you – Anne Shikuh

Anne Shikuh

October 2, 2018

To My Beloved,

I am the Father of the prodigal son. When my child rebels leaves home and wastes his inheritance in the pleasures of sin, I do not close the gate and instruct My angels to deny him access back. Instead, day and night, I will be found pacing, restless, thinking of him, waiting for him and looking out for his return.

I am the Good Shepherd of the lost sheep. When one of them strays away from Me, I will not content Myself with the 99 and forget the lost one. How can I rest, when this one is not home with Me?

I am the Owner of the lost coin. I may have 99 coins safe with Me, but My Heart goes out for the one lost one. And I will not rest until I find it.

I do not forget you and move on with those who seem ‘whole’, ‘put together’, and ‘perfect’ when you stray and are lost, blind and bound.

I am continually thinking of you, looking for you, waiting for you and sending out people to bring you back home.

The enemy will whisper to you that I don’t care anymore, that My attention is only on others and not on you in your struggle, but I see you, My Heart goes out for you and I am always interceding for you.

My Precious One, let nothing keep you away from Me. Condemnation lies. I love and pursue you continually.

Come, I will cleanse you.
Come, I will restore you.
Come, I will restore to you all you lost.

I bled for you.

I yearn for you.

John 10:16 (NLT)

16 I have other sheep, too, that are not in this sheepfold. I must bring them also. They will listen to my voice, and there will be one flock with one shepherd.

Your Savior,

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  1. Ruth

    Ahhhhhh, thank you for faithfully sharing! This message made me cry as I have a prodigal son, daughter, and grandsons. Please join me in prayer for them!

    Also, as your fellow servant, allow me to share what’s been shown to me and I understand, thus far:

    POSSIBLY coming next week during the New Moon (10/8-9/2018): “Then the angel took the censer, filled it with FIRE from the altar, and threw it to the earth. And there were noises [due to highly charged magnetosphere burning], thunderings, lightnings, and an EARTHQUAKE” (Revelation 8:5). The open earthquake vision LORD put me through few years ago lasted about four hours, intermittently – like labor pangs. (The flood represents a woman’s water breaking. The earthquake represents the breaking of the mucus plug.) After the vision, I strongly sensed although the entire US will be impacted (if not worldwide), California will be utterly destroyed – especially the San Francisco area.

    HEADS-UP! “Then it will come to pass, when seventy years are completed, that I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation [US], . . For their iniquity, says the LORD; and I will make it a perpetual desolation” (Jeremiah 25:12; 1948 + 70years = 2018). After Revelation 8:5’s fire is thrown to earth & earthquake, HEADS-UP OCTOBER 15 (possibly 2018?) as Rev8&9’s TRUMPets’ judgments will commence (see Amos 3:7).

    As noted in my videos #54 & #55, back in Aug2014, God gave me a dream pointing to Isaiah 47:9 (loss of children & widowhood occur in one day), and Revelation 8:7’s fire (CME &/or earthbound meteorites?) incinerates 1/3 of earth (western hemisphere, especially the USA / Jeremiah 50:11’s fat heifer, as foreshadowed by Elijah’s bull sacrifice). Our powergrid will be destroyed, allowing enemies to attack US w/Rev8:8’s nuke (READ, READ, READ: Isaiah 7:23; 59:19; Nahum 3:13; Jeremiah ch’s 50&51); that’ll be thrown into the sea and likely causing a tsunami (possibly = Dan11:22-23/Rev12:15’s flood that’ll sweep away current admin., paving way for AC Obama)? Then LORD woke me, flashed a Amos 3:7 banner vision before my eyes – raised up at foot of my bed which read, “October 15,” to represent when Jeremiah 51:27 occurs: “Set up a banner in the land, blow the trumpet among the nations! Prepare the nations against her [US, modern-day Babylon], . .”

    Although my Amos 3:7 “October 15” vision faded before I could retain the year, I LEAN toward 2018, as Jeremiah 25:12’s says punishment comes to the king of Babylon (Trump?) and that nation (US) after 70 years: Israel, God’s timepiece, was reborn in 1948 plus 70 years = 2018 (also see Zechariah 1:12; Daniel 9:2). The year 1948 also happens to be when US became the de facto superpower of the world via GATT, WHO, OAS, Marshall Plan.

    Revelation 8:10’s Wormwood (asteroid) destroys our drinking water. Revelation 8:12-13: one-third of sun, moon, stars will be darkened. Revelation 9:1-12: Satan – riding in on Nibiru (aka Planet X, Red Kachina) – is cast to earth (Isa14:19; Rev12:9), takes-up residency in Obama’s shell (Dan11:23; Rev13:3); all will be required to receive “mark of the beast” (666, microchip? &/or tattoo?) on right hand or forehead so as to buy or sell; those who take the mark seal their fate in hell for all eternity; Rev13:16-18; 14:9-10). Rev9:13-21: Satan’s entourage riding 200million fireballs burn earth (Rev9:15-17; Joel 2:1-11; Isaiah ch’s 5, 13, 24, 26; Rev6:12-17). After wheat is brought into the barn, Rev16’s Bowls of Wrath will be poured out on the bound tares, and eventually burned w/unquenchable fire (Matt3:12; 13:30; Rev14:14-19).

    FMI, see my 1-page Tribulation Chart (“Habakkuk 2:2 Tablet”), video #100:

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