COME HOME TO ME – Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts

Feb 4, 2019, 6:59 AM


I AM everything that has no words.

I AM the dance that you cannot see.

I AM the music that is never heard.

I AM the song that the world will not sing.

Come home to Me.

I have come into the darkness, where death wearies my children.

I have come to the place where music died and the joyful song cannot be remembered.

I have whispered life into your heart.

I have healed your pain.

I have sung over you words and music, but you would not hear.

In My voice is light that seeks you in the darkness, it never stops crying,

“Come back to Me.”

In Me, there is peace like the summer breeze.

In Me, the air is perfumed with joy.

In Me, love flows like anointing oil.

In Me, power thunders and reaches into eternity.

In Me, mercy sings and grace dances.

“Why do you not want Me?”

I call but no one listens.

I cry but there is no one to dry My tears.

I have set my table but no one comes to feast with Me.

I have built my mansions but no one dwells in them.

“O, when will you come back to Me?”

Still, I will not stop until I hear my little ones call from the darkness,

I will stretch out my right hand and say,

“Come my child, and dance the dance that no one knows.

Come and hear the music that no one hears.

Come and remember the song that no one sings.”

“Come and breathe My joy.

Come and sit with Me at my table.

I will anoint you with my love.

I will sing over you mercy and grace.

And the heavens will rejoice and shout throughout eternity because My child has come home to Me.”

My child has come home to Me.

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