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Dec 16, 2019 3:50:39 PM EST
Handmaid of the Most High


Received Sunday, December 15, 2019 5:00 PM

My Children know not all the evil that is awaiting them behind the scenes. Now, even now my children, many are being set apart. Choosing their forever destiny. Many have willing embraced and others have surrendered to the dark forces. He is your enemy. Offering riches, fame, sex, toys, and empires to those ambitiously seeking them. Yes, he is not just busy in the world of commerce and deals. He is lurking in your churches, places that you believe are safe. He is speaking through your pastors, deacons, youth leaders, counselors and teachers, yes, even through those who present conferences and seminars on claiming your blessing. Speaking out your lust for wealth and power, or maybe just nicer comforts, he is tricky and knows your desires. He knows how to soften the message, tailoring it just for you to grab onto the lie.

Did not my son throw out the money changers? Did not he condemn those wicked leaders and teachers of the law? He called them a generation of vipers. I told you that there was nothing new under the sun. Do you think you are immune? Do you make a daily assessment of your thoughts? Do you seek my truth above all other messages? How about those books your read that are not even worthy of wiping your child’s behind? Yet you scramble to pay $28., $30 or more to be given new truths! When my word, my truths gather dust. Forgotten or dismissed as now applicable to the situation of today. My word never fails! It never passes away as trivial! How dare you dispense with truth for the comfort and tickling of your ears! Do you not realize that I gave them to you because you need them?! It is not a book of suggestions. It is the KEYS to the Kingdom. My Kingdom! You are seeking another kingdom not made by me. One that will soon feel my judgment.

Yet, you sit and watch your mind numbing shows, read twitter and give thumbs up to total strangers that you consider “friends”, my how foolish you are. You who are so blind that you fail to realize how purposeless your life has truly been. Your best life now is empty and useless. You will stand before me and be mute when I ask you how you contributed to my kingdom. Is that what you want? If not, why are your wasting precious time? Why do you give me a nod or laugh when people talk about me, claiming you know what they are saying and you haven’t even heard them. They are not fooled but YOU ARE! Some of those calling on me have no understanding of my nature. I am just a man in the sky who is no more than a genie waiting to grant their wishes. How deceived you are. Though I am worthy of all praise, you curse me when your “team” looses or the baby makes a mess or you are late for your girls night out. How trivial and meaningless.

So many have I sent to warn you. You do not heed them. Many even mock those “Jesus Freaks”, who won’t leave you alone. They are my messengers, many don’t even realize that I send them out of love and warning. Your time is so short. Many will soon die. How is that for blunt? I told you in my word, the one not “worthy” of your busy schedule, that I will wipe out a third of the population. Those who die, will not have time to repent! It will be over before they understand what is taking place!

Those that remain will struggle like no man has ever struggled. Death will be at the door. Are you waiting until then to repent? Or do you think the rapture is around the corner so nothing is going to impact you? I didn’t tell anyone when I return so why do you think nothing will effect you personally?

Why do you believe in other people for truth? Did they create you from the foundations of the earth? Do they have your best interests at heart?! No, I tell you now as I stated in Matthew, there will be father against son and daughter against mother. Many of you will see this in your own lives! You think that child you have been praying for will suddenly change when time is short? I tell you someone will have to be ready to run for their lives. The seed of rebellion will be evident in shocking ways. Do not believe that I AM is telling you not to pray. I am not saying some won’t repent. I am saying that some have chosen evil and they are committed to their life choice. Are you ready for that possibility? Are you listening to what I tell you when you pray?

Children, please bend your knee and repent. I can’t be more clear. Some have embraced lies with such vigor that they have allowed themselves to be blind to the things taking place in the spirit. They have listened to man so long that they can’t hear me. Many of you reading this don’t think this applies to you. I say there are no coincidences! Ask for revelation and understanding from me. Don’t run to your pastor, or the nail tech or some one that has an internet ministry, RUN TO ME! I know you. I have no secrets. If you read my words and not just the gospels, you will see many truths that will lead you into deeper understandings. Many of you will have no Bible in the future, don’t depend on tomorrow. Seek me now! Seek me with your whole heart. I long for you. Those of you who know me, soon, soon, we will be united. My son waits to go forth to meet you. Behold, soon, I will reunite with you and we will rejoice. I love you so dearly.

Your Abba, Father.

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Matthew 23:28-34
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~ Handmaid of the Most High ~


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