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Colorado Springs Will Be Destroyed! – Bro. John in Mo.

Colorado Springs Will Be Destroyed!

March 12, 2022 3:03 PM
Bro. John in Mo.

After having been saved back in 1990…twenty years later, in January 2010, I was gloriously baptized in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Warfare instantly broke out against me in the spirit realm, in ways that would make your hair stand on end. (audible demonic manifestations, objects moving, etc.) It was soon after this, that I began having dreams and visions, one right after the other, that lasted for several years. I still have them from time to time, but not nearly at all like I did at the beginning of being filled with the Spirit.

Several months after these things started happening, I began hearing five words in my spirit, that would be repeated several times nearly every day. The words were: “Colorado Springs will be destroyed.” At first, I thought that this was just from my own mind, because being kind of an armchair survival / prepper type for many years, I knew, of course, that Colorado Springs was where N.O.R.A.D. (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and Peterson Space Force Base was located, and that this area was one of the number one military targets in our country. (I became a “prepper” back in the early 1990’s after the Holy Spirit led me out of the strong delusion of the so-called “secret” pre-trib rapture teaching, which is an utter damnable lie, from the deceived mind of John Nelson Darby. This wicked deception from hell went world-wide, because of the notes found in the Scofield Reference Bible, published in the early 1900’s.)

After a few weeks of hearing these words, I determined this was NOT something out of my own mind, but it was truly a word of wisdom from the Lord. These words: “Colorado Springs will be destroyed” would come into my mind, nearly daily, until it pretty much got to be an annoyance to me. I would hear these words in my spirit, and then I would always say: “How will this happen, Lord?... please show me.” I never received anything from the Lord. Nothing. This went on for over a year, I would hear the word, then I would ask the Lord for information, or an answer concerning it. It was always the same. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

One day in 2011, (I do not remember the day) I was on my knees praying, with my forehead resting on the side of my bed in prayer. I do not remember exactly what I was praying about, but right while I was in the middle of pouring my heart out to the Lord, the Holy Spirit interrupted me, (He IS allowed to do that…you know) and said: “Colorado Springs will be destroyed.” This time in frustration, I blurted out loud….BUT WHY??? WHY??

After I said this, several seconds went by, and then it was like I was carried away into the Spirit. I sensed that I was high up in the air, in a thick fog, or cloud of some kind. I saw absolutely NOTHING but fog, but somehow, amazingly, I knew EXACTLY where I was at. I was hovering several thousand feet high, about a quarter of a mile west of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As soon as I sensed where I was at, then instantly, I remembered reading a news article a day or two before, about pagan worship at the Air Force Academy. A few seconds after this, the Holy Spirit spoke these eight words to me: “There Is A Temple There That Angers Me!” ( You can even see this pagan temple, which is a large circle within a circle, made of large boulders by using Google Earth. Just look a little to the right (east) of the Barry Goldwater Visitor Center…you should see it.)

My calling is that of a watchman, to watch over men’s soul’s. That being said, I am just a man, and at times I question myself, if I have truly heard from the Lord. (If you want to get on the quick road to hell…then start speaking things for the Lord, that you are not called to speak, or have no business speaking) Right after this happened, I was sure that what was shown to me was from the Lord, but later on in the day, doubts began to bombard my mind, that maybe I was deceived, or all of this was just out of my own mind. (or maybe I was losing my mind.) I remember later that day, I went to the Lord in prayer saying, “Heavenly Father, would you please give me a solid conformation of some kind, that these things about the Air Force Academy are TRULY from you?”

It was either that same day, or the very next day, (I can’t remember which) I was in my kitchen, and I opened the upper cabinet door and saw something that I will never forget as long as I live. I reached into the cabinet for something, and looked up, and saw on the top shelf a ceramic mug that has been sitting in that cabinet for probably forty years, I think my Mother bought it at a garage sale. Engraved on the ceramic mug in bold letters are the words: “AIR FORCE ACADEMY” and above it is a picture of the Air Force Academy Chapel. A cold chill went down my back when I saw that. (At no time whatsoever had I even thought of that mug, that thing has been in that cabinet for so long, that I don’t even “see” it anymore, but God caused me to see it like a flashing neon sign that day, as the conformation that I had asked for!) Friends, when you seek God for answers, he can be very specific!

There are witches, warlocks, and pagans of every stripe, that worship at this outdoor circle temple at the Air Force Academy, and not only at the Air Force Academy, but in all branches of our military. What a disgusting mess our nation is in. Do you really think that God will give the U. S. victory in a major war with our enemies, with outright devil worship, and homosexuality… not being only approved of, but actually endorsed by our own military? Let me put it this way: Would the Lord have given King David, and his armies of Israel, any victories over their enemies, while King David’s army was prancing around in high heels, putting on lipstick, engaging in homosexuality, and going to pagan temples to worship Moloch? Forget it. Babylon the great is about to fall…and friends it’s gonna fall hard, and that is the truth.

When the major cities of the U.S. are hit by incoming ICBM’s, concerning Colorado Springs, Co. I believe that the Lord has told me: “There is a nuclear weapon designed specifically for this city.” When nuclear weapons are launched from Russian / and or China towards Colorado Springs, Co., the thought of our enemies heart will be to take out the underground control operations of N.O.R.A.D. / PETERSON…. but God Almighty has put this thought into their heart in order to take out a pagan temple that our own Air Force has erected for the worship of Satan. In other words, the enemy will destroy this city for ONE reason, but the Lord will destroy it for ANOTHER. You can take that word to the bank.

Friends, I have given you what I firmly believe that the Lord shown me concerning this prophetic word. Would you please do me a favor? If you have friends or family, or if you are familiar with any Christian ministries located in the Colorado Springs, Co. area, would you please forward this watchman’s warning to them? I believe that the Lord will bless you for doing so. To those in the Colorado Springs area, who may be reading this, please diligently seek the Lord concerning this word, as to what the Lord might have you to do. This prophetic word is now eleven years old. (from 2011) In no way whatsoever do I believe that we have eleven more years left before it is fulfilled. I wanted to get this word out that I have held back for years, to the public right now, because I feel an urgency in my spirit. War time events are moving very quickly now, please make final physical preparations, and stay very close to the Lord, and in his word daily, with no exceptions. Blessings in the name of Jesus to all the Saints who read this word. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo.

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