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Collectors of Souls

Oct 3, 2019

Auto Transcript

hi guys it is October 3rd 2019 I
received this word this morning I’m
gonna go ahead and put this up please
perfectly discern this word and all
words you hear and if anyone has
scripture they would like to add please
do so in the comments I’ll go ahead and
start this my daughter write my words
for those with ears to hear the ruler of
the air the ruler of your earth has
reigned for his designated time it soon
will be the time for my warriors to take
the reins on your earth and begin their
counter assault they will go out as my
great army overflowing in my Holy Spirit
powerful mighty and undefeatable these
are my collectors of souls the ruler of
the air has been allowed to steal the
hearts and minds of my creation but now
there is coming a time in which the
playing field will be leveled my army is
prepared and at the ready this day will
mark a new day when the ways of old will
pass away and my soldiers who have been
thoroughly prepared will be sent forth
under the guidance of my light walking
in my perfect strength and glory to
reach the masses these soldiers have
been placed on your earth for the
specific time strategically and
perfectly placed they are ready to carry
out my most important duties that I have
laid before them this will be a time of
terror across your earth and the hearts
of many will become once again softened
and pliable not only ready
but longing to hear a message of hope
from their very Creator to these last
CIL’s the events surrounding them will
cease to matter as my army presents to
them my plan of salvation and eternal
restoration I will restore the last race
of my creation unto myself through my
own glory shining through these very
warriors an army of righteous mess these
will walk in spiritual and physical
illumination filled and made
undefeatable by my holy spirit
manifested in and through each my
warriors will no longer be subject to
the laws of time and space upon your
earth and will even in some cases travel
backwards in time as every heart
deserves to experience the truth of
their very Creator nothing will hinder
these warriors from reaching every soul
that has ever been written in my Lamb’s
Book of Life these souls belong to me
and will be made right for my harvest
through my glory that manifest manifests
itself within each these I’m sorry this
will be both a physical and spiritual
event and not one heart created by me
will be left in darkness
each heart will be shown the perfection
and wholeness of their creator and they
will choose their eternal destiny some
in just a moment’s time there will no
longer be a question as to whether or
not a soul knew me for all will be
presented with the truth of their
Creator they will be made aware of the
choice that lies before them this
harvesting of souls of my creation has
been set for this time since my creation
was placed upon your earth though the
enemy has ruled and reigned since the
fall of mankind in the garden my perfect
plan has been in place and there is
nothing your enemy can do to thwart this
he will attempt to send an army of
imposters upon your earth but my
creation will quickly recognize within
their hearts those who are mine the
temptation of a physical life forever
will deceive many
as the darkness of the enemy continues
to engulf your earth there is to come
the sudden appearance of my glory filled
army they will gather in my great and
predestined harvest of the souls of my
creation my creation belongs to its
creator but each created heart will
choose to whom it belongs and with whom
they will share their eternity the wheat
is left in the field until its color
shows it is ready for harvest my
creation will begin to bow some souls
will need threshing some will simply
need winnowing my army is the wind

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