Collapsing Building – Merab Olfert

Collapsing Building

September 11, 2019 3:02:45 PM
Merab Olfert
On December 27th, 2018 @ 5:30 am, I had a warning dream.
In the dream I was standing in my living room (alone) facing my balcony, looking out the window. A helicopter suddenly appeared at a distance but it wasn’t very far. It must have been about 300-400 meters away from me.
I noticed that a big swarm of black drones came flying out of the helicopter. Drones were about a foot long each and they were pitch black in colour. These drones flew all over the place and attached themselves to the walls of the buildings to detonate like bombs and cause utter destruction.
Suddenly I heard loud warning sirens going off and I found myself standing among a crowd of people in a tall corporate building.
I saw some sort of guards all over the place in uniforms.
An announcement was made for everyone in that building – “Gather all your stuff and evacuate. You have 3 minutes to gather your stuff and leave after which the building will collapse.”
So I ran along with everyone else to get all my important documents from a locker on one of the many floors of that building. I simply dumped out all my papers into a plastic bag. Then I suddenly realize – oh my goodness… My red file which has all the most important papers is on another floor of the building in a different locker altogether…..how am I going to get there and get my file and get out of this building in 3 minutes.
While I was processing this idea in my head I looked outside the window of our office. I suddenly hear the timer on the stop-watch come to a full halt. Then I realize that the 3 minutes were UP!
I looked out the window of my building asking God to please help me. As I am looking outside I clearly see that the building that was standing parallel to my building is going down.
It looked exactly like the building in which I stood. This building totally collapsed right before my eyes and I could see it’s dust flying all over the place.
Now I was terrified thinking that it was my building’s turn. But as I was praying to God in my head to make a way out for me I heard the clicking of some levers, time had stopped for a while, I heard the guards say – “There is some technical problem because of which the process of the detonation of drone-bombs was stopped for a short while.” I knew now I could run and get my red file and get out of the building that was about to collapse.
I knew God stopped the bombs from going off and He held back the building from collapsing for a while because of my prayer. I felt safe at the end of the dream.
Black drones = some kind of destructive mechanism being set up.
It is obvious that they were sent to collapse structures / buildings.
Buildings (in the bible) = social structures / societies / cities / nations.
Jesus prophesied about the destruction of the buildings of the Temple in Jerusalem and it was clearly indicative of the destruction of Jerusalem as a whole and not the Temple buildings alone. Destruction was the result of the “Rejection of Massiah”.
Bible therefore clearly shows the interpretation of the buildings in my dream. 2 parallel buildings in my dream represent nations and societies that stand parallel to each other. Clearly United States and Canada. The building I stood in represents Canada.
Sirens = imminent danger / warning
I was told we only have 3 minutes to pack up and leave the building before it collapses.
Building where I stood (Canada) was set to collapse as well but suddenly something interfered in the system and it didn’t collapse at the set time. It gave me time to retrieve my red file for which I was worried in my dream. This interruption happened as I talked to God about my problem. I believe God brought about the interference to grant me extra time.
3 minutes could be 3 seasons or 3 years. I do not understand this mystery. God has not revealed it to me yet.
All I know is that it is set to happen and the building standing parallel (Canada) will also fall. It’s only a matter of time. 😒
Please pray for your families and friends who say they are Christians but are sleeping in this crucial time. May God wake them up as well. May God help us all prepare ourselves and fill our lamps for the time coming up ahead.
In service to our King and Savior – Yashua ha’Mashiach,
Sister in Yeshua,

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