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Code Red…Minnesota entry point…chain reaction…many fish

June 228, 2020 3:16 PM
Toronto, Canada

(Dreams and vision from Feb 2018)

Yesterday I heard about a vision that Dumitru Duduman had of China and Russia, that Russia would penetrate the US from Alaska, Minnesota and Florida. That reminded me dreams and visions I had from Feb 2018.

On Feb 11, 2018, I was in bed but not asleep yet when I saw in my mind a sky that was all red and orange. There was a sun or a moon halfway up the sky. I don’t remember exactly but it could be reddish too. I couldn’t tell whether it was the sun or a full moon as it seemed too dim to be the sun but too bright to be the moon. I saw myself looking at the sky and saying something about “Code Red”. Then the scene changed and I saw a small turquoise full moon in a dark sky. I fell asleep afterwards and dreamt about the red and orange sky and “Code Red” 2 more times.​

The next day I had another dream. I heard a voice saying “Canada, US”. There was a map in front of me and I found myself focusing on the western edge of the west most lake of the Great Lakes, right at the Canada/U.S. border. ​

When I woke up, I quickly looked it up on the map. The lake I saw was Lake Superior. The Canadian province was Ontario, and the U.S. state was Minnesota. I didn’t know what the vision and dream meant but wondered if it was about war, that the Russians might enter the US from there. I had since read that the Russians would enter Minnesota from Dumitru and from others.​

Later that month (Feb 23, 2018), I had another dream that could be concerning attacks. In this dream I was looking at a match-3 game with a preset pattern that had some frozen blocks. The way it was set up, I could unfreeze a block and it would in turn unfreeze others and set off a chain reaction of explosions all over the game board. I thought at the time that this dream could be about sleeper cells ready to attack at any time. I have since heard that others had dreams/visions of sleeper terrorist cells.​

That same night I had another dream. I was in some narrow alleyway lined with little shops and restaurants. I was alone and was looking for a place to eat. I went by an eatery that only sold fish dishes. I ordered baked fish and was very eager to try it. The waiter said he was eager to try it too! It came in a fish-shaped silver plate. There was a lot of little fishes and it was too much to eat by myself, so I offered to share it with the waiter. The eatery was very small. There were only a few tables and they were very close together, and so he could only sit right beside me or opposite me. He didn’t decline my offer but the spot opposite me looked very narrow and uncomfortable and so he hesitated, and I think the dream ended there.​

I don’t know if this fish dream is random. If it wasn’t, maybe the fish represents people in my sphere of influence who need the Gospel, and I want to reach out to them but need help. I’m not sure what the waiter’s hesitation may mean.

from Toronto, Canada

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  1. Catherine

    I saw in 1986 or 1987 that Russia will attack America through Alaska.

  2. Susan ElizaBeth

    Catherine, will you email me?

    Curious as to details of what ABBA showed you so that I cannot pray into it.

    I have been asking for more confirmation of this coming invasion of AK and for details.

    Have begun prayer walking private lands up here that many of the remnants have been moved to. God is moving and preparing HIS true people up here quickly right now. He gave me a word to begin prayer walking the lands up here HE sends me to in Jan of this year.

  3. Aniyla

    The meaning of the waiters hesitation could be that you were offering him the gospel, symbolized in the dream as fish (sharing fish…sharing the gospel). But then he was asked to sit down and he saw that the way was “very narrow and uncomfortable”. This represents his hesitation towards a full commitment. It’s comparable to the rich, young rulers hesitation. The rich, young ruler – and the waiter in your dream – are interested in following Jesus at first. But then, when they see that the way is “very narrow and uncomfortable”, they either hesitate, or don’t come at all. Also, the fact that he worked in the fish shop as a waiter could represent someone who works in a christian setting (church?), but isn’t actually fully commited to Jesus (revealed by their hesitation to sit down in the narrow and uncomfortable seat). They work in the fish shop (church), but haven’t actually recieved the fish (gospel) for themselves.

  4. Pam

    Hi Liz,

    The first thing that popped in my thoughts when the waiter was deciding where to sit was Matthew 7:13-14. I looked it up on Bible Gateway using the 1599 Geneva Bible version. Please read the footnotes under this.


  5. Liz

    Aniyla and Pam, yes of course, it makes perfect sense now, thanks!

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