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Closer to the 3 Days Of Darkness

May 18, 2020 9:33 PM

On 5.17.20 I came across a You Tube video by Kerry-Ann Gidden titled ‘I WILL SMITE THE EARTH WITH 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS!! PREPARE YOURSELVES!** posted 5.16.20. As I was watching this video I felt a stirring in my spirit. When I got to the very end of the video the Holy Spirit came over me and I started weeping. I happened to look at my phone then and the time was 4:44. Following is a message I was given at the end of April 2020.

Hear Me, heed My voice. Soon the world will be thrust into darkness – first physically, then spiritually. My Ruach HaKodesh has told you of what is to come – for it comes. There is something on the horizon which looms above the earth – it is coming. You know what I speak of – it looms, waiting to take the unsuspecting unawares. Many will die of fright thinking it is the end but My children know what time it is. Do not fear when you see this planet descend upon your world. It is to awaken My church and to release the demonic upon the earth. I have said this is coming and My words will always come to pass.

Gather those in your circle of family and friends and warn them that it is coming soon. Tell them to prepare their hearts first spiritually – and to return and repent to me their Savior Yeshua He who saves. I will be with you in your abode for those who are Mine. I will guard and protect you. I will be your light for those of you who will not have lights. I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! I will shine forth in the darkness to come.

Heed the warnings of My servants who have prophesied of this coming event. Do not open your door. Do not look out your windows. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE FEARFUL BUT YOU NEED TO RELY SOLELY ON ME AND ME ALONE! Only through My Name, through My precious blood and through rebuking the evil one will you be able to withstand the horrible darkness that will descend upon your earth. It is a darkness that is indescribable. My Word says that it is a gross darkness – but it is more than that. It is living, it is alive, it breathes, it has life. There is power in this darkness, there is evil in the darkness. Soon the forces of hell will be unleashed upon your earth. It is the beginning of much tribulation upon your earth. Many will run to and fro as if it is the end, but it is not – I have already told you this. Prepare to minister to those around you – tell them I am coming soon. I am returning for My sheep and for those who repent and turn to Me their



Scripture Reference:

Isaiah 60:2 2 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.

Closer To The Three Days Of Darkness

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  2. Deborah

    Yes LORD ~ Thank YOU Beautiful FATHER
    … WE pray YOU open the eyes of our hearts
    in the name of JESUS . OUR REDEEMER

  3. Joe

    Kerry-Ann Gidden is NOT of God, she is a witch.

  4. Catherine

    Kerry-Ann Gidden like many others speak for years now about the 3 days darkness, but it is still not here. I can imagine, that it will come with Wormwood, not before.
    Kerry-Ann Gidden speaks of “Fake Israel” and “Fake Jews”, she hates the Israel of today. Give attention. She also teaches that the American Africans are the true jews, that Jesus is a black, that Israel belongs to Africa and not to Asia, etc.
    I’s such a pity. She says many good things but also a lot of deception.


    Kerry is a true prophetess of God. HalleluYah. If you read your Bible you would know about the fake Jew scriptures. But instead, since God n truth don’t fit into your narrative you bash his true prophetess. All liars and those who speak falsely against others will have their place in the lake of fire.

  6. Catherine

    Toyah Bell, if you touch Israel, God will touch you. We are part of Israel, we belong to the tribe of Israel, we should support Israel and not Islam, who fights against Israel.

  7. Paul

    Kerry-Ann Gidden is false, she is not of God!

  8. Dean

    What will you do when none of these things ever happen?

  9. Christopher Chapin

    Question. What if we or our friends and relatives have no fabric to cover our windows with? What should they or we to do?


    Reference 3 D of D, look out for red skies worldwide! SONTTTU78 CHANNEL, “SIGNS LEAD UP TO THE 3 D OF D!

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