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June 29, 2020 5:57 PM
Dana R

6/5/2020 (Word) I heard the Holy Spirit say “CLOSED FOR BUSINESS”.

4/30/2020 (Vision) I saw the inside of a store and heard someone say “…BECAUSE WE ARE CLOSED.”

1/16/2020 (Vision) I saw a sign that said “SORRY OUT OF CHRISTMAS PAPER.”

6/5/2020 (Vision) I saw a truck driver sitting in the driver’s seat of his truck. I saw his door open and then he began to strike someone with a wrench. End of vison.

I think this may have already happened based on a video I saw on 6/13/2020 of a truck on a freeway surrounded by a mob of thousands of people in Minneapolis. The incident happened on 5/29. He was trying to pass through the throng, but instead of dispersing, the mob started attacking his truck. At one point 3 or 4 rioters were shown hanging on the top and sides of his truck. One was even laying across his windshield as he tried to get away from them. Finally he slowed and stopped. They must have pulled him from the truck because I saw the driver’s side door open and close a couple of times. Then they began beating him. I believe that I saw this vision from the perspective of a rioter.

6/26/2020 (Vision) I saw lots of trucks stopped at a truck stop. My interpretation of this is that truck deliveries are going stop.

The last 2 visions pertain to gas stations, which have an obvious tie in to trucks and stores.


6/25/2020 (Vision) I saw a rabbit crouching near the gas pump of a gas station.

I have been trying to figure out the significance of the rabbit for days. This morning I saw a “Coffee with Jesus” video with Lana Turner. She mentioned a vision that the Lord gave her of a “rabbit hole”. As soon as she said that, my ears perked up. She said that the definition of a rabbit hole can mean to be transported into a troubling or surreal state or situation. It is a situation that is engrossing and time consuming and hard to extricate oneself from. So I am wondering if the rabbit near the gas pump along with the 6/29 vision indicates that when the price of gas doubles, then these higher prices will be passed on to the consumer as much higher prices on everything else. Hyperinflation would certainly qualify as a troubling situation.

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