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Clinical Trails and The Vaccine – McKana


Clinical Trails and The Vaccine

December 3, 2020 2:40 PM

From my experience in Clinical research, let me share few points as the Lord led me and we will see what “The Vaccin Is Here” means. It is indeed coming.

It is a common practice to test any drug through preclinical and three phases of clinical trials before it is approved by FDA or any responsible government agency throughout the world before is is approved for publicuse and bring it to the market

The preclinical trails are tests conducted on lower animals, primates etc. The first phase of the clinical trial is conducted on limited number of Normal Individuals, to see the effect/Side effect. The second phase is tested on few hundreds or thousands of patients (normal individuals can be part in this case). The third phase is an expanded study of large number, hundreds of thousands, and can take longer time.

The whole process of drug development from the lab to the clinics and to the public for use takes, hundreds of thousands of people, over $250million and not less than 10 years.

In all the three phases, there are standard rules and regulations to be followed. The first rule is for the participants of the clinical trial to sign a “Consent Form.” The consent form is an approval by the participants to show their willingness and awareness of the benefits and side effects of the drug. In participating in the clinical tails, they are aware of the ebenefits and mostly the side effects of the drug being tested. As an appreciation of their participation, they are given small amount of money, not a payment but appreciation of their participation. As a rule, no drug, anywhere in the world, should be given to any individual without the consent, willingness, approval and awareness of the benefits and side effects involved in using the drug in the clinical trial.Doing otherwise is illegal.

When a company demand for approval, the standard procedure is, every details of how the drug is made, how it is produced, its unchanging standard reproducibility, the instrument and machinery involved, how many people are involved, how long it took to develop and test etc every detail is submitted.

In some countries, after passing these hurdles and approval by the responsible governments agencies for public use, follow ups are conducted when they are in the market, and in some cases after seeing the effect, some drugs are pulled out of the market.

It is only few drugs which pass all the phase to be approved for public use. Then, the company who gets the approval by the government agency is licensed to solely market their product for ten years.

There are exceptions to every rule. In some case:-

A. If the drug is found to be very effective and beneficial, will get an early approval.

B. If time is a critical factor, as in this current case, the drug will get an early approval.
Evidently, If the drug is found to be ineffective, the clinical trial is arrested before any further

The sad part of the story is, in many cases, frauds is involved to bypass and shortcut the standard procedures. Some fraudulently totally bypass the clinical trials, some falsifying data, some through bribes its, it is a money motivated industry. We all know that the tocks of the drugs are in the market while it is in the early stages of the clinical trails. Some trade water.

That is the material science, no much of our concern.

The Vaccine!

Time is changing fast. Many messages have been delivered regarding the vaccine and the fast developing trends. All roads lead to Rome, they say. Currently, Corona has became, as prophesied, airborne with a global infection daily rate of over 600, 000 and over 10, 000 deaths. In the US, the daily rate is over 200, 000 infections and 3, 000 deaths (data from yesterday.)

There are four five companies coming up with a vaccines said to have ~94% effectiveness. The media has started telling the public, as a sells person, in the open, “it is good”, “it is effective”,
“it doesn’t change DNA” etc. These are the same people who wrote their own “ten commandments” with one of them which says, “We don’t need God to live” and deceive many telling “Jesus is a fictitious character” selling the ceramic idol of the demon Shiba for $10, 000. They will have their day in the court of justice, the the true justice.

Few months earlier, many messages have been delivered and discussions have been conducted what the vaccine means. The sickness from the hands of the evil and vaccination on whose hand? As expected, the vaccine is coming with the chip and leading to the mark. We see everything unfold in front of our eyes.

Thank you for the message! We saw today-The Vaccine Is Here!, DEC 3, 2020, 6:13 AM, MINENHLE LUCETTA, SOUTHAFRICA ( which gives us the progress made and raises many question.

In the first place, based on what is provided for us, the test conducted is a clinical trail. Are the participants aware of and know what they are given? did they sign a consent form? Did the clinical trail follow the proper legal procedures? Is any chip introduced? Are the participants aware of what the chip means?. The incentives given, the money looks standard, the cellphone is questionable. One way or the other, what has taken place ALARMS US about the time we were being told is here. What better way is there more than a global pandemic to vaccinate and mark people?

The vaccine indeed is a choice of the individual as well as the responsibility of those who are aware of the time. Is it going to be enforced? yes and no. No, it is our choice, no one can force us. Yes, can be enforced by-unless you take the vaccine and separated from the rest by the ID, then, you are a danger for the rest and you can’t do this, you can’t do that, indirect enforcement.

Even if we know what all this drama means, knowing it is coming head on, since MINENHLE LUCETTA is close to the event, follow ups and answers to the above questions will be helpful.

Now, with an evidence -Time To Trust The Lord More Than Ever!

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