Dec 19, 2019 11:19 AM
Collins Ouma

Shalom brethren.This i write just to make it a bit clear what i had early posted from the Lord about His Holy Mountain. From the fellowship we have had we the Lord,He uses this term metaphorically or  rather symbolically to refer to a place where His true sons and daughters are gathered giving Him a true and a perfect worship. Where you fellowship could be referred as the same .Sometimes  He uses it to refer to Mt Zion or simply put His Holy city Jerusalem. He is the author of the Bible and He is sovereign in its use and application.

No one among our fellowship (we are four) wanted or knew about what the Lord was beginning in us through our daily sacrifice of worship, fasting, prayers and intercession.Of His intention to choose us a people of no name,influence,wealth or theology.we are nobodies and unworthy of this noble task.we even tried resisting it and it did not go well with us.No one will really understand the chosing and selection of God.Not even me. Sometimes i cry over the night telling Him that His people may not really believe in me.I am only 28years  born again in 2008.I dont understand Him just like you now.I am a little child in the hands of our loving Father trusting Him to guide and lead me through all this commission
This about the ingathering of His elect was first spoken to us while at a mountain peak in 9days prayer and fasting  in July 2018.I have kept it till this week when He Himself gave out the command and go ahead to share out the details about it.
It is not in Pemba Island. He was only referring to Pemba in regard to how He will personally guide His elect to this place.He guided me on a mission to Pemba a place I didn’t know its locality.How and when He will direct His Holy Remnants to His Holy Mountain i do not know.ONLY HIM KNOWS.But from His speech He speaks of a very very near future.
I will not convince,persuade or argue about anything  of this to anybody brethren. Thats is the work of our dear precious Holy Spirit. This is God’s own work and He Himself will do it.I faithfully trust Him on this.
The elect are not coming to permanently to relocate and stay at His Holy Mountain. NO NO NO.WE HAVE A WORK FOR HIM.HE wants us there in order to be trained,empowered, annointed and filled to overflowing with His Holy Spirit might and glory.Like what happened at Jerusalem in the upper room.This training is done by Him alone.
Thereafter  we all scatter to our respective  places of residence; countries,towns, nations,locality and spread the revival fire we have received  in a worldwide  end soul harvest.This whole group and the Elect forms the church upon which our beloved Lord Jesus will come for. Our early fathers spoke and prophecied about this brethren. Check your history. Brethren we prophecy in parts and know in parts.Beyond this i do not know.He has not chosen to reveal.I know others havd the other pieces required to fit into this puzzle.I am only called and commissioned to speak forth His word to the remnants ib readiness of what He wants to do for us and His church.Others are called to warn about 3DDD,ANTICHRIST,DECLARE JUGDMENTS AND WARNINGS AND SO ON.
So my dear beloved brethren hope not nor me but in the Lord Himself to guide and lead you in this.Further inquire humbly before Him in prayer and you will be more informed by Him.Only THE CHOSEN ELECT WILL UNDERSTAND ALL THIS FOR TO THEM THIS IS GIVEN.THE LORD HIMSELF WILL GIVE THEM UNDERSTANDING
Look up on my post  here about where the end time revival will begin and you will know where this place is(so many local prophets and faithful brethren have been giving visions, dreams and prophecy of this end time revival).
Love and peace
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya

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