Clarion Calls – Patti Young

Clarion Calls

May 30, 2021
Patti Young
clarion call 


Appeal, urgent call to action.

Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

I began to hear the Lord say “The angels are rejoicing”, and then I hear the Lord say “Prophesy, you the one who tells of woes to come. Prophesy to my people, who are blinded nor do they hear. Prophesy to those in the streets, who know not of me. Prophesy of my kingdom to come, for soon the devourerer will come, and he wearing his mask, will hide his iniquity for a season. Then swiftly, the devourerer shall act and come with his sword and will devoure and shed the blood of the innocent ones. Prophesy, I say to my servants, my daughters of Zion, prophesy for the time has now come, prophesy of the season and darkness that is here, blinding the eyes and minds of men. Prophesy and say to the inhabitants of the earth, for the hour has come and your season of plenty shall end . Soon the devourerer will take all that is his, and he will lead many into temptation to take his mark. Prophesy oh daughters of Zion, for who can see except my chosen anointed ones. The angels shall blow their clarion calls, the heavens shall roar by my Spirit for WOE UNTO YOU BABYLON, FOR YOUR HOUR IS NOW COME. And like an eagle, my eyes see all the devastation that shall fall upon man, and the sword shall not depart from the land.


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